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63 Articles by Richard Dawkins and 6 Extra Files

List of the articles:

A scientist's view
All Our Yesterdays
An early flowering of genetics
An eclipse, It's my kind of magic
Article in The Daily Telegraph March 18, 2002
Article in The Guardian December 27, 2001
Burying the Vehicle
Children must choose their own beliefs
Close Encounters with the Truth
Darwin and Darwinism
Dolly and the cloth-heads
Don't turn your back on science - An open letter from biologist Richard Dawkins to Prince Charles
Gaps in the Mind
Greenpeace's action was vandalism and inhibited the need for scientific research
Hall of Mirrors
How do you wear your genes
How we got a head start on our animal natures
Human Chauvinism
Human gullibility beyond belief
Is Science a Religion
Lament for Douglas
Mike Godwin and Jaron Lanier debate a talk by Richard Dawkins
No faith in the absurd
No mercy on the violent river of life - An exchange between Michael Poole (Christian Students in Science) and Richard Dawkins
Not in Our Genes, Biology, Ideology and Human Nature - Reviewed by Richard Dawkins
Obituary for Michael Cullen, ethologist
Postmodernism Disrobed
Religion's Misguided Missiles
Review by Richard Dawkins of Narrow Roads of Gene Land by W.D.Hamilton
Review of Blueprints, Solving the Mystery of Evolution
Review of Richard Milton - The Facts of Life, Shattering the myth of Darwinism
Richard Dawkins - 2004 - reply - extended phenotype
Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder
Snake Oil and Holy Water
Stop respecting religion
The Alabama Insert - A Study in Ignorance and Dishonesty
The Alternative Science Pages of Richard Milton reviewed by Robert Todd Carroll
The evolutionary future of man - A biological view of progress
The Improbability of God
The Information Challenge
The Joy of Living Dangerously
The know-nothings, the know-alls, and the no-contests
The noted Oxford scientist takes issue with the Chancellor on his view of Oxford 'elitism'
The Real Romance in the Stars
The Third Culture
Thoughts on Cloning Humans
Trial by Jury
Viruses of the Mind
We asked 10 leading figures for their thoughts on the events of September 11
What your genes reveal about you
What’s Wrong with the Paranormal
When Religion Steps on Science's Turf & The Emptiness of Theology
Where do the real dangers of genetic engineering lie
Where d'you get those peepers
Whole Earth Review, Spring 1989 n62 p90
Why don’t animals have wheels
Why I am a secular humanist
Wonderful Life by Stephen J. Gould. Reviewed by Richard Dawkins

Darwinism defined the difference between fact and theory essay Stephen Jay Gould
The claim that creationism is a science rests above all on the plausibility of the biblical flood
The Wars Over Evolution - New York Review of Books - By Richard C. Lewontin
To See or Not to See Evolution of Eye Degeneration in Mexican Blind Cavefish1
Views That Facts Can't Shake
What Does It Mean To Be A Radical, Stephen Jay Gould, By Richard C Lewontin And Richard Levins

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