Monday, August 20, 2007

Genesis: Where Are We Coming From? (2004)

Blending humor with seriousness, innocence with wisdom, an African griot uses the evocative language of myth and fable to relate the birth of the universe and the stars, the fiery beginnings of our planet and the appearance of life on earth – but this is a true story, the story of all of us. He tells us of time, matter, birth, love and death. Animals are the main players in this flamboyant, modern, yet timeless Genesis. Six years in the making, here is the second opus from the writer/directors of Microcosmos.


File size: 699 MB
Language: Spanish and French (Dual Audio)
Subtitles: Czech, Dutch, English, Polish, Spanish, Turkish

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

An intriguing movie but this version is ruined by dubbing in Spanish and incoherent English subtitles. Do you know of another "unconventional" source where this can be downloaded?

Excellent site, by the way!

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