Monday, September 17, 2007

CNN Presents: God's Warriors

CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour travels to six countries on four continents to examine the intersection between religion and politics and the effects of Christianity, Islam and Judaism on politics, culture and public life.

This is not a Dawkins documentary.

But it is horrific as hell because it shows objectively how all big three religions drag the world complete chaos.

Because of that, any members of these religions don't like the episodes related to them. They blame the other ones because the only innocents are themselves!

It's never change!

Part 1 - Jewish Warriors:

Part 2 - Muslim Warriors:

Part 3 - Christian Warriors:


Lubab No More said...

it is horrific as hell because it shows objectively how all big three religions drag the world complete chaos.

I'm going to disagree with you and say calling the CNN piece "objective" is a stretch. There was a definite sense that CNN wanted to make sure to give equal coverage to each religion when in objectively some warrant more attention.

big three religions

Big three in the Middle East and in the mind of the West. The Hindus and the Buddhists more than hold their own out East.

Anonymous said...

two comments above from two gentlemen are solid proofs of how people can be so brainwashed and dont think of important thing in life like sharing happiness and harmonious living. May their gods help them!!!

Anonymous said...


Anyone can misuse something good.
So what; a few people misuse their religion's teaching. So? That doesn't mean
there's anything wrong with the religions; no, it's a misguided application of the principles/teachings of the religion that causes problems. Don't blame the religion, nor (most of) its followers.
Evangelism (whether Christian or otherwise) is NOT a bad thing, and it's only a small subset of evangelists who do wrong things.

Small kids don't know what's right and wrong, and people who know better need to push for "rules" to guide them. Same goes for adults who don't te truth about moral and right living - others who DO know, need to push for such rules (laws), and the argument that "what is right for you may not be right for me; you do what u want and I'll do what I want" is absurd; relativism of that kind is absurd.

It's not fashionable to talk about Jesus (or any other god of one's religion) as if He was a real person, nowadays; not in today's scientific age. Adults feel childish and embarassed to talk in thsi way; adults don't want to admit, even unconsciously or implicitly, that we all are but like children when compared to God. "I know everything, or at least I know most of what i need to do and i sure as hell DONT need to acknowledge some infintely superior power - let alone a finitely superior earthly organization - who tells me what is right or wrong; no one tells me what to do; I make my own decisions"... that basically is what most modern adults feel. A truly humble belief in a deity, and in an earthly "organization" (of both clergy and laity), makes us uncomfortable, makes us feel small, makes us feel we are not in control. Like spoilt stubborn haughty kids rebelling aganst their parents even when their parents DO know best. Hence we react against religion; try to find fault and pick holes in whatever "highly religious people" do.

yeah this post of mine is gonna get a lot of flack, i know; which again is largely due to what I said. If what I've said is true, then that's a challenge and a source of discomfort to many readers' consciences; hence such a reader would feel a pressing need to attack what I've said - preferably with high sounding philosophical arguments.

I doubt anyone will gain from my post... either one anwyay knew it, or else one is anyway gonna reject it... hence my not even bothering to type carefully or spell check! What's the point.

iEv0 said...

Well the last poster wanted flak, here it is, but nice and simple.

1) Religion was created BY man
2) the purpose of religion is to CONTROL man
3) belief in a religious system is the psychological soil upon which other myths and agendas can be planted
4) various religious systems have a lot of fundamentals in common, yet they argue and fight with each other... why? because each religion seeks followers to help them pursue their own hidden agendas, if they were to openly allow conversion or regard fellow religions as "possibilities" they would lose followers, thus losing strength and furthermore the ability to carry out their plans.

I don't know what God is and neither do you, because you are the same as me. You do not have any special abilities that I do not and neither does any man who holds a position in a religious establishment. Neither did the men who wrote the Holy Bible, the Quaran or any other religious doctrines.

We are all human, all equal.

La Plume said...

Well... Just this morning I considered myself to be a deist. Now that I'm halfway through the "God Delusion" book by Richard Dawkins... I have to say I'm an atheist. Let's just say that from Chapter 1, his definition of God was exactly the same I had, the questions he rose, were the same... his answer, well you know the rest...

The fact is as iEvO said, all of these religions have common' fairytale stories and none of them have got a shred of evidence.

Now I have to say that I'm originally from a Muslim family and I've been brought up with very strong principles.

My mother is somebody who studies religions ( Islam, Christianism, Hinduism and Buddhism for the most part) very deeply and most of the principles I follow in my life came from what she taught me. Being atheist doesn't mean not having any morals. Although I turned vegan, even if I still ate meat today I still wouldn't eat pork, I never and never will drink alcohol, nor take any drugs, nor smoke and I will still do the Ramadan, not for any God, but because of the spirit of sharing, getting rid of vanity and material considerations ( that I believe should be applied everyday but that we tend to forget in our stressful daily lives) behind this custom.

Religions were created where people needed directions, and although it brought lots of bloodshed, fact is at the time It also brought great things. Regarding Islam for instance, when this religion came round it allowed women to work, keep their own wages and play a strong political role something which was previously denied to them.

However, we're now living in the 21th century. I believe it is time we embraced the moral values and got rid of all the tattletales... They've reach the bottom of their use. Now they're just counterproductive.

By this at least, we give ourselves the freedom to adapt to the society we're living in regarding issues such as homosexuality or sexual relations before marriage.

As for the comment by the last anonymous: I dont' need any God to feel small. Quite the contrary actually. One of the reason I gave up my faith - or rather the attempt to have any - is because unlike the Christian/Jewish/Muslim view which considers that all creatures great and small are inferior beings compared to humans and that they've been put on this earth to serve us, I consider them just as equals and deserving of respects. This Christian view is just putting men on a comfortable pedestal which gives him/her right to do whatever he wants with LIFE and this, I just can't support.

jon said...

This series was excellent. Apparently it can't be had on DVD. Probably due to controversy.

I heard they caught the most hell for the Jewish section.

To some Jews, any criticism is Anti-Semitic. How convenient.

Like to some, any religious criticism shows that you're angry, bitter, even irrational.

I believe that's called Ad Hominem.

Anonymous said...

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