Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From the Director of Borat: RELIGULOUS

I have a break for good news!

Someone said "religion"? Oh, then welcome to the restricted area! You can not criticize or ask why religion is so bad. Did you think how many block buster movies do contain these arguments? Nothin'? Do you think "Contact" movie was made by an atheist view? (Then think again and read this: Or maybe you watch too much Mel Gibson movies?

But this time director Larry Charles and comedian Bill Maher enter the restricted area in "Religulous" (combination of the words religion and ridiculous). Bill Maher thinks your religion sucks, and he’s going to tell you about it with the help of Larry Charles that show that every critic loves, but no one you know has ever seen!

The poster looks like a reference to the news about woman says she saw Jesus in the burned wallpaper ( Clever isn't it?

Bill Maher’s movie Religulous opens in the Spring of next year.


toomanytribbles said...

no, i think the reference is to the jesus grilled cheese sandwich which was, not surprisingly, auctioned on ebay:

Anonymous said...

Interesting... I always thought Contact was flagrantly trying to connect religion with science. Did anyone actually think it was atheist in inspiration? Was it promoted as such?

Anonymous said...

Jesus or not, you can get your Bill Maher grilled cheese on eBay:

jol said...

hey, I've always wanted to alert ppl, that Contact is really a trojan horse, but yay! now i can read it in black and white from someone else

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