Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Inherit the Wind (1960)

It's all about the monkey trial that rocked America!

Two-time Best Actor Oscar winners Spencer Tracy and Fredric March go toe-to-toe in this thrilling re-creation of the most titanic courtroom battle of the century. Garnering four Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor (Tracy), and featuring Gene Kelly in a rare, critically-acclaimed dramatic role, Inherit the Wind is powerful, provocative cinema and "a heaping measure of entertainment" (The Hollywood Reporter)! The controversial subject of evolution versus creation causes two polar opposites to engage in one explosive battle of beliefs. Attorney Clarence Darrow (Tracy) faces off against fundamentalist leader William Jennings Bryan (March) in a small Tennessee town where a teacher has been brought to trial for teaching Darwinism. Let the trial begin...and watch the sparks fly!

Total Size CD1 (MB) ....: 700,38 MB
Total Size CD2 (MB) ....: 699,25 MB
Video Length CD1 .......: 01:03:36
Video Length CD2 .......: 01:04:45
Video Codec Name ...: DivX 5.0 codec
Resolution .........: 640 x 380
Framerate ..........: 23,976 FPS
Language: English, French, Spanish



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God the Father said...

Thanks for this excellent share! Would you be able to share Elmer Gantry?

Raymond said...


I get Spanish as my audio, and can't seem to change it.
Any advice?

Aqualung said...

Hum, I use KMP and the program as an option to change audio stream.

IT Support said...

NOTE BEFORE DOWNLOADING: This file seems to only contain the Spanish language audio stream. It does NOT play English or French.

Thanks anyway!

Aqualung said...

Try using VLC, you can choose the audio stream there.

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