Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Evolution with Family Guy

Now this time, learn the evolution in Family Guy style (is it too obvious that I'm a fan of the show?) But I warn you! If you are a creationist, you may not like the conclusion. :)

From season 4, episode 27 (Untitled Griffin Family History).

Also watch: Evolution Explained in South Park


k said...

oh wow - how I have wanted for a while now to create a Flash-based "movie" portraying objects just *poof*'ing into existence. kind of like all black for a bit, then a "spirit" pops in and starts making stuff - you know: spheres, light, plants.. all the needed stuff!

Andrew said...


Frederico said...

Hey there my Athiest friend,

If you've got one, take a minute to peruse

and you'll see why Bono is saying "Forget Africa, donate your money to JFC"

and why Christians are saying "You evil, sadistic bastards, you can't make fun of our lord in such a blatant and highly realistic fashion!"


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