Wednesday, May 21, 2008

National Geographic - Naked Science: Bermuda Triangle

For hundreds of years, airplanes, boats and ships have dissappeared in the diabolical geometry of the Bermuda Triangle, but what is behind that deadly phenomenon? Is this a time warp, a "vile vortex," a mysterious electromagnetic force or simply the weather? Follow the clues left by the most notorious disappearances and find out.

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Mark said...

is this a skeptical take on the bermuda triangle (ie, it is bogus), or do they try to give the idea merit.

just curious before i start downloading 4 different files (my internet is a snail.

thank ya.

BlindW@cher said...

All Naked Science documentaries was made with a critical and sceptical view. They never support the paranormal ideas.

You'll learn that what cause this phenomenons and see the scientific facts behind the legend.

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