Friday, May 16, 2008

ZEITGEIST The Movie: Final Edition






"The whole system that we live in, drills into us that we are powerless, that we are weak, that society is evil, that it's crime ridden and so forth.

"It is all a big fat lie!"

Richard Dawkins suggests that religion is the most evil thing in the world. However, is religion only power to control the mass? Who does use this power? Who is the behind the curtain? What is their main goal? Or are we the living witnesses of George Orwell's 1984?

If you are an illiterate, moderate citizen and TV is your main food for your brain beware! This controversial documentary can be a shock for you. Because you'll see the facts that you can never see on your stupid TV.

Zeitgeist consists of three episodes: First, how religion evolved (or copied) from pagan beliefs. Second, truth behind the 9/11. And third, how The Federal Reserve Bank controls the economy and dominates the world.

Prepare yourself.

This most shocking documentary will show the real face of your God and true evil!

"The old appeals to racial, sexual and religious shovanism, to rabid nationalistic fervor, are beginning not to work. A new consciousness is developing which sees the earth as a single organism, and recognizes, that an organism at war with itself is doomed." Carl Sagan

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Anonymous said...

I felt compelled to respond since I never expected to come across this kind of conspiratorial nonesense on your otherwise superb blog (to which I actually though contributing some rare material that I have). The first part which deals with the origins of Christianity is somewhat believable, although not recofnized by any mainstream biblocal scholars. Nonetheless, this midiocracy gives way to utter rubbish when claiming that the WTC buildings were brought down by so called "controlled demolition". And the third part taps into the classic conspiratorial paranoia boundering of the big brother kind.
I am appaled to see this kind of a disgrace on what is supposed to be a critically thinking intelligent men's (and women's) blog.
I urge you to reconsider leaving this post since it denigrates all the wonderful material you have put forward so far.

P.S. Is it possible to reupload part 2 of the "was darwin wrong" documentary, since the RS server it's on seems to have technical difficalties fow a while already.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

The content of this blog has otherwise been fantastic, but posting this conspiratorial tripe just inevitably taints the record of superb content therein.

Too many atheists buy into the Jesus Mythos nonsense; the reasoning of which is almost identical to creationists, holocaust deniers, and, yes, "9/11 Truthers".

I've watched this movie, and winced at every part of it. I'm disappointed that it would be juxtaposed with with other valuable content.

Isn't Michael Shermer's stuff also posted here? Such contradictions! Whats next? Kent Hovind's DVD seminars?

BlindW@cher said...

Every intelligent men can judge and give their own decision! I myself don't agree with every claims of the movie however that doesn't mean it has lack of some sort of logic and I don't think this is a conspiracy theory of some lunatics. Have you ever seen that building seven collapsed in 9/11? I didn't. And many didn't too. So this one shows us some facts that we didn't see before.

Is it unlogical similarity between zodiac cross and the cross on the head of Jesus as a representation of Sun. Hell, no! Pagan roots of Christianity is a scientific fact! You can see the all sources of the claims for the first part here:

You can judge some parts of the movie but you can not say this is totally bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@ BlindW@cher
(I'm the first anonymous)

As I'd already mentioned, the first part is the only one worth the time, and while there is no denying that Christianity (much like Judaism which lies at its core and any other religion for that matter) has pagan roots, the however the main premise of their claim indeed reeks of typical conpiracy style crap. (no surprise, given the two remaining parts).

As far as the 911 part is concerned, please, do yourself a favour and use the brains that evolutions has so kindly granted thee. There is nothing here that hasn't already been said in loose change or Alex Jones' diatribes, and throughly debunked as utter nonesense, be that by Popular Mechanics or even by Skeptics like Shermer.

As the second replier had already mentioned, all conspiracy theories have the same argumental logic (more like lack thereoff), which challenges the common knowledge, and disregarding all the evidence to the contrary, it builds on small gaps or inconsistancies, which usually buy into some kind of a poplular paranoia or political agenda.
The 911 conspiracy theory is no different. It too shares all the attributes of a classic conspiracy theory, which, if properly scrutinized, comes tumbling down like a house of cards. Whatever happened to Ockham's principle? The conspiracy theorists have obviously never even heard of it.

And there is really little to add about the third part, which is classical anti Capitalist rant. Some people have a hard time grasping the fast that even capitalism is not perfect and allows for mischief among those in power, while tramping on the "little man". Their claim, much like their counterparts about US or Israel hegemony in the world, overlook all the inconvinient parts which do not bode well with their thesis, while cherry picking (usually out of context) those random facts (whose authenticity is in no way guarnteed) which support their world view.

Anonymous said...

im very dissapointed in the atheist comments above.

before you listen to what they are saying... see the film for yourself

and visit this page

please take note that they all say they are dissapointed in the movies claims but none of them say why.

Ockham's principle- was the only reason given for their doubt.... i wikipedia'd it and still belive this movie.

you people arnt activists.... your try hard complainers. if you dont have the balls to talk about the bigger issue then shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

I've watched this movie over and over again, as a reminder to myself of what I should be really angry about in life, not the day to day b.s.

I find it aggravating, really really aggravating to see all of the comments of people saying that the film is rubbish, yet not coming up with one specific fact or proof that it is false. The film is based on facts, film clips, quotes, etc...hard ascertainable facts, just they have been not made available to the public eye.
If you want to stay in a bubble and imagine that the world is crazy, but just crazy over there and not here...i feel sorry for you. but it is after all human instinct to protect and distract itself to the things it wishes not to see or hear. Because if you do allow yourself to think that everything down to the magazines you read, the shows you watch, the news you prefabricated fluff to keep you disillusioned and content in your prison of a life, well that i admit is a scary world indeed. I'm sorry to tell you that the movie is frighteningly right on.

The revolution is now.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new..for me..I've known this for many decades..9/11 was the icing on the cake..I'm x military, Air Core..and i know a military aircraft when i see it..and i saw it live..disguised as first words..that's a military plane..
this resistance seen in comments simply proves that the masses of people over the globe in general..realm of the norm addicts.. t.v. and religious dogma indoctrinated.. forget them...mind wasting losers they are, will get exactly what they deserve..horrors beyond belief..quick death.. and they can't believe what they can not or will not see..and that is why we are where we are.. one nation under Disney world,(elitist ultra rich) (Canada and USA etc), Mexico is a pathological State of mad hatters.. Christers..
Facts mean nothing to the brain dead believer..they will kill you, before they will accept reality..just too too frightening..and may as well accept that yourselves...wasting time on losers..ignore them.
They will not survive..this isn't the only Big One coming our way..
the future belongs to those ready to fight and die for the right..not the right wing..Shock Doctrines..Crisis Capitalists..crooked politicians.. corporate ass suckers..
they know what we will do before we do..speaking in perspective of mindless masses..
Now how ever there are enough loose cannons out here to put a wrench in their works..just keep pumping it out there and watch the army grow..
Like in an over crowded life boat, many must be left to swim with the sharks..they are inferior stock and a liability.. they will be the Zombie rats finking on the warriors..Social collapse, eco disasters..riots.. food shortages..resource wars..treachery..disease..
good times coming..prepare..get out of the cities..or sink.
Get your off grid travel trailers and solar p.v..batteries..generator(methane or ethanol)lap tops..ham radio.. c.b.. wireless..think methane generators..alcohol digester anything that makes combustable fuels..add a cup mystery oil per tank..;-)auto trans fluid burns hot too..mineral oil mix..
freeze dried meals..and water supplies..
check the civil defense sites.. get the goods..get the G...ns and ammo lite..;-)
potassium iodide is a hedge on a few radiation development solution is cheaper too..same thing..nuclear weapons will be used..I hope..
if it goes right.. we will walk out into a new universe.. beat up but ready to build a new world order of our own.. seal up iron mountain warriors..they can't get out they cant start it all again.. those who resist..shoot them..head shot saves ammo..
I'm 60 and I am not going without a fight..been fighting the man a long long time.. maybe get some reinforcements yet..we are one.. we are together..the rest are doomed.
Got any more good stuff for an old warrior ? This time i will be on the right side..;-)

The chip isn't so bad..they turn it off we become invisible..unless we get turned off too..;-)..then we strike from a cloak of invisibility..;-)
cut the sucker out..
stick it in a wabbit..they can run down wabbits..
We can stake out the wabbit and ..well pop goes the tac 50 ;-)
guerilla warfare is the best warfare..
they supply the bullets..the grub.. the tech..piece of cake..
trust me this could fun most the time..;-)
thing about psychotics .. they always engineer their own down fall..
one other thing.. is a very powerful way to get additional strength..insights..
keen instincts..
quick thinking..
endurance..2 hours meditation better than 4 hours sleep..
innovative genius in every person who has the discipline and the motivation to seek out the real tools of victory over mad men, ones own innate inner being.. but as you say..first follow a meditative regime for as long as it takes to achieve proficiency..
the absolute easiest and most achievable method is out lined by Gopi Krishna..that's a sir name not a religion..its a method..
and it's easy..but.. means keeping ones dick in his pants a few months.. usually two..
or keeping ones hands off his dick..;-)..crude but straight..
use that energy.. let it guide by the goddess energies..this they don't have.
Too exotic for the rich.Money is their weapon..more money than brains or guts.
Main stream thought shallow as piss on a dirty plate.
We native Americans know how to survive with nothing since that's all these elites left us.. nothing..nature provides..;-)'s just a matter of time now and not much of that either..
few years..blammo.
Be ready.
Other wise peace brothers. ;-)
Head for the hills.;-) practice your I.E.D skills..purely for survival of course..against the zombies..mobs..needy..hungry..desperate..vicious..
you know..the normal types of losers after what you got and they Canada US relations..;-)..we got you need..oh oh..;-)
no time for nationalistic, religious, racial nonsense nice eat good..o.k..
it's coming soon..Rockies is good..deep mountain terrains..
lots shelter homes.. hide good..
let the maniacs kill each other for them..should work for us..I'm mine.. got yourn? Bring a few extra munitions to trade for moose meat..;-)
ah shit..o.k see ya later.. thanks..pumping this out too..;-)
Gave me heart burn Willumkillum

Tam L said...

I applaud you for your post. Its a shame that today, in 2008, there are still people perfectly willing to keep their head in the sand when there is so much information at their disposal. This movie is unique in so many ways. In some ways, its not new material at all, just pieces everything together to make relatively perfect sense, depending on who and what you want to believe. Also, you can find more movies or papers or books on each of those parts if you want to look into any one of them even more. In a way, this movie pieces alot of things together, but gives you just an overview.

The Part 3 is based entirely on historical evidence, and its not debatable. The Part 1 is brilliant. Some evangelical groups actually made a short film trying to respond to those claims, siting numerous errors and what not. Funny enough, another Zeitgeist-friendly group wrote a response to their response, effectively proving the accuracy conclusively. Seems like the vague nature of the bible and other religious scriptures proved to be its own weakness.

As for the Part 2, regarding the truth about 911...pardon my language, but you have to be a complete fu*king moron to still believe the the government's story over how the towers fell. There exists more evidence today that shows it was an inside job than to the contrary. I saw the Popular Mechanics evidence and they didn't debunk or prove anything, and yet its still sited over and over as proof that these are all crazy conspiracy theories.

How can something still be called a conspiracy if its already happening?!

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if you're mocking the loonies, or if you're a loony yourself.
Er. good job?

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Really inspiring.

I was also enthusiastic about this film.

But watch this


Anonymous said...

I was given this movie by a co-worker. I've watched it over and over again. I do believe the 9/11 Truth simply because why would the other buildings around WTC 1&2 not fall in the fashion of WTC 1, 2 & 7? Nothing impacted WTC 7 and YET...It still fell straight down just like WTC 1&2. And in Shanksville, why was nothing found of the plane, no bodies, no blood...Nothing. How did human bodies burn to nothing when the seats of the aircraft were somewhat still intact? Can someone please explain that to me? From what I know, human skin takes a bit more time to burn than fabric does. How come WTC 7 fell like that of a controlled detonation? Once again, can someone please explain that one to me, too? This movie shows truth on the thing that we call a government and the thing that we trust so much with the lives of the young men and women fighting and dying overseas for something that was staged 11+ months before it actually occurred. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and this is my outlook on the movie. I see A LOT of truth in this movie. And I highly encourage others to watch it.

Keith said...

Zeitgeist is complete bullshit. Anyone who thinks 9/11 was an inside job is a fucking retard.

SShendeR said...

I can't believe this thread is still active, but given that Blind@Watcher himself has doubts about the 3rd tower, it's hardly surprising that such drivel and intellectual rubbish finds its way to this blog which has Michael Shermer as one of its stars.

Indeed, when someone says they are atheist, take the time to ask why, because more often than not their reason is just as unreasonable, gut driven or politically motivated as that of the Religious fundies they do abhor.

ed watts said...

There's another young cinema director form the uk, someone called Niall Maccallum, with another ready zeitgeist chapter, something like Slave Empire I was told, the film talks about how the global elite is to turn the global government into a second global roman empire, it is to be released next year.
THIS LAST IS THE ULTIMATE ATHEIST MOVIE, IT SIMPLY STATES THAT ALL RELIGION IS COMMUNISM, what i can't say now is the complete extent of it, all is well covered, McCallum seems to be an anthropologist turned into cinema director, I think he also produces the movie, he is know to have worked for tv and universitary proyects, but this this is big it seems

Anonymous said...

Where in the Hindu scriptures is Krishna described as "born of a virgin etc etc" ?
The first few minutes sets the tone of the entire movie - Liberal mix of paranoia, propaganda, interesting facts, half truths, blatant lies, hearsays and probably experts with on 'PhDs' from correspondence courses

Anonymous said...

you're all nkhatzis, all of you.

Anonymous said...

Omg the accept all religions!!! How dare they be tolerant of the views of others?

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