Monday, September 22, 2008

BBC Horizon - The Ghost in Your Genes (2005)

DNA consists of vital information that forms our lives, as known.

However epigenetics changes the view of DNA now.

Can our grandparents, even great grandparents directly effect our well-being?

Or we, humans carry the sins of our ancestors?

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Anonymous said...

wow, science eventually reaching common sense level! i've always thought, using drugs myself, chance my children became junkies was higher. learnt to swim, my kids were more prone to become good swimmers. training my brains results in kids being proper atheists, as myself (sadly this one probably does not work so, wish it did).

good thing is, this phenomenom for sure fails to link me to ALL my miserable ancestors: though i'm german, my right arm doesn't sense any urge to perform the heil hitler..

Anonymous said...

ok, like with my comments concerning "the atheist's bible", decided to contribute something more than just my moody and not quite that funny utterances already on display here.

in my opinion, another episode of bbc's horizon series worthwhile watching is "the six billion dollar experiment". dealing a geneva based scientific project which focuses on quarks, big bang and the such - aiming to verify some plausible theories about the roots of everything.

this documentary not exactly "promotes atheism", but i think, the wonderful thing with such stuff is: doesn't take any explicit "there's no god" statement at all - conclusion comes naturally with the scientific content, is implied in. god is just redundant when man argues using state of the art brains. so, those glimpses into contemporary science are atheistic lessons taught "most elegant" (as a dawkins might put it).

impressive in the video is - apart from theories and project itself - all the enthusiastic attitude many protagonists come with, be it youngsters or old folks: confident, curious, having fun. people who, you take it, with reason never need to seek "comfort in god"..

the media: found somewhere on the net (thanks), links to follow are my upload of. content untouched. xvid avi, 49 minutes. audio mp3 vbr avg. 132 kbps, video 608x352 around 1000 kbps.

sample, 9 mb:
note, applies to sample only: had to reprocess the audio into constant bitrate mp3 (128 kbps), to maintain proper in sync sound & vision thru this short bit (53 secs).

video, 400 mb:

"homepage" is:
- provides additional topical links, for example to wikipedia, with info on the current project situation, here:

btw. i'm from munich germany, so pardon the language.

Anonymous said...

took the liberty to replace above links with a new upload of mine, topic updated: "The Big Bang Machine", bbc broadcast from september last year, whereas the former footage dated from back in early '07. this one comes in much better quality too (1632 video kbps - 780 mb). found somewhere, content untouched, credits to the originator.

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