Monday, September 15, 2008

The Problem of the Real Existence of God Seen with the Eyes of a Physicist - Bahr Alfred

A mind opener article about what is the logic problem behind the idea that a creator who is born from nothingness. This is the reason of why God is not real.

"In all large religions God is thought of as being the creator of men and the world, that is, the creator of the universe. And God existed already before space, time and matter was created. God was therefore capable to reside and govern in an absolute “nothingness” according to the theologians. Great thinkers of all times have attacked and criticized this God - idea with philosophical arguments. Despite of that the God - idea is still alive, respectively is being kept alive with questionable arguments and means. In what follows this idea of a Creator - God is analyzed and scrutinized with the logic of a physicist.

The belief in a Creator - God stands and falls with the “nothingness”. If it can be proved that in nothingness nothing, absolutely nothing can exist, then the God - idea is finished."
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julchip said...

New book 'The Life of Brian/Jesus' by the film's editor, reveals all.

"Great stuff" - Terry Gilliam. A mischievous journey of discovery" - Terry Jones. "My lawyers will be in touch" - Michael Palin. Only available through Monty Python's new web site.

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