Friday, October 10, 2008


How did life begin? Creationists say God did it but scientists' answer is not so simple but they are the ones who do the hard job to uncover the fact everytime.

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Luftritter said...

Beautiful video, I really love Beethoven!
Eat that creationist loonies!

Anonymous said...

i can postulate a much better theory.
inorganic atoms can mutate i say! not the atoms itself but the electrons arou nd the nucleus have energies that randomlychange in magnitude and direction for better survival. i would like to put forward the theory that these 'energies' mutate!!! not the atoms itself but the energies.

first such life form on the planet was an abacus. Then it mutated. Then it mutated again.

The 2nd theory is how the abacus 'evoled' into a mechanical counter(mutating energies), how the counter developed memory, a sudden explosion happened(i will call this Cambrian) and the first liquid crystal for display popped out. Components got together to form a pc(natural selection + grouping selection), that 'pc' evolved into a robot and how that robot 'evolved' into a humanoid.

no one created the initial abacus. random nucleotides in space joined together and made it.

if this does not sound true right now then a billion billion years later this is the explaination 1 humainoid will give to another when asked 'where did we come from'.

How can current computer engineers prevent this from happening. easy...leave an instruction and best practices manual. Code it in such a way that it is autogenerated to one random humanoid once it gets lost in history. Then one humanoid will we be chosen to recieve this instruction manual. version 1: Torah. version 2:Bible and the latest and final version 3: the Quran. write protective code around version 3 so that the true message is no longer lost and preserved forever.

nice theory huh? i can use cooler background music too :)

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