Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Help Atheist Bus Campaign

Yes, it is true!

Be a sponsor for the first atheist advert on a bus.

Help the campaign administering by The British Humanist Association and Professor Richard Dawkins.

Your donations will strengthen atheism and illuminate more people! [read more]


Facebook group of the campaign:


Fuzzy Duck said...

Unfortunately, this would not happen in the states today. But more power to our brothers and sisters across the pond!

SOAS said...

Bit of a weak message really. The short religious slot,'Thought for the day' on radio 4 rubbished it..
Why not.
'There is no God,
If there really is a loving God don't you think the world would be a very different place.'
or better place etc.
I am gonna donate anyhow.

Anonymous said...

I guess it would be a nice rejoinder to all the scaremongering Christian signage I've spotted around town (even though I'm also on the other side of the "pond").

On a side note: I don't think I've ever seen "aware" used as a verb before... :)

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