Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum

Most controversial documentary Zeitgeist, The Movie which is distributed freely on the internet continues with a sequel. There are no conspiracy theories about 9/11 this time or they don't claim the government will control us implanting chips into our brains as in the first episode. Zeitgeist Addendum is suggesting that we must eliminate all monetary systems to save our world. It sounds nice but how can that be possible?

The solution is The Venus Project!

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P.S. I don't support Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project. This is a really ridiculous utopic/spiritual science-fiction fantasy. They want to free you under a monopoly! Also to create a world without money, you should buy their merchandise! Oh, that is the logic!

I release this video because just I want you to see everything with your own eyes.

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tgra said...

Does this have anything to do with atheism? Also, I wonder, if you're going to share material that you don't believe in, why not post religious propaganda too?
If you need more atheist/agnostic downloads to post on your blog, I can send you some. Let me know... :)

Janus said...

I didn't like the first part of the documentary that dealt with religion. It wasn't something new first of all,so I could stop everything I was doing and say "wow I am enlightened", and second the way it was shoved into our faces seemed so amateur and rushed. Two "sources" weren't enough. It's been almost a year since I've watched the movie but I still can't remember, what was the point of the first part in relation to the other two?

By the way, nice blog, keep up the good work.

tgra said...

I sent you a file (zipped Creationism episode) 6 days ago. Did you receive it?

Anonymous said...

There are superb and through Zeitgeist Debunking sites available on the net such as:

Where one only needs a brief amount of time to figure it out for himself. Isn't it obvious that someone who have had joined the 9/11 conspiracy bandwagon (and no, I don't believe his intentions were pure and this was just a case of mistaken identity) can't seriously be taken seriously about other stuff, however unrelated.

Eventhough the 'second edition' (what's with all the second editions? first there was loose change, then some other conspiratorial bullshit and now finally Zeitgeist had caught up as well) only concerns the monetary subject, it has been throughly debunked via the third part of the first edition.

Shiham said...

"This is a really ridiculous utopic/spiritual science-fiction fantasy"

Now it'd be very unfair to make such a conclusion without looking in to the subject, especially this one which is very difficult to get your heads around the whole thing. What Fresco advocates is anything but not utopia. there are no final frontiers and human civilization is an on going process and there is no final civilized state. We are led to believe it is static, but its not.
I do not see any meaning in just debunking God and being athiest and yet when we are so oblivious to the fact that we live in an out dated social system of money at the top, which allows individuals to rule over others and individuals to suffer, go to war. If you really cared about the misery on earth and if you had think of the current state of technology, it is very possible to in line with nature by providing to everyone without a price tag, where crimes and abberant behaviours are outgrown. the need for it i mean.
One way or another, the current moneytary system is going to collapse (either by protest or simply technological unemployment), and what the venus project is trying to do is, show us a possible way that is better than what we have today.
He certainly do not advocate Utopia. Yes its godless, stateless, warless, povertyless, corruptionless and if that's what you consider the final frontier to humanity, then it is, but i doubt it!

BlindW@cher said...

Jacque Fresco is a person who supports some kinds of New Age sprituality. There were some articles on this issue on the old Venus Project website but they have been removed. Yes, he supports science too, as pseudoscientific documentary What the Bleep Do We Know!? supports science, I think.

Zeitgeist movement is far away from the context. It does not have theoretical base, it is just a bunch of fancy ideals.

I agree with you, there are possibilities against wretchedness of the state we're in.

On the contrary I don't understand why people see this movement as an alternative to capitalism so eagerly. We have already a solution called socialism, haven't we?

Shiham said...

the movement and the venus project is an idea. i would not identify it with the members and their ramblings on the movement website.

I have never heard from Fresco on any new age spiritualism and i would rather not just label. Its not about Fresco, its the application of scientific method to society. Even if he was some new age guru, i would rather pay less attention to that as long as its not in the way of life the idea that he represent calls for.

Socialism has money, socialism has military and governments, rules. But a resource based economy (which is what venus project advocates) will not have the need for governance. but manage and can easily be achieved using machines and a fraction of manual labour to oversee the operation. There would be no need for military because the only defese we need is from anything that threatens the whole humanity. we do not need messiles to kill each other, because it would slowly be outgrown from our social values (without money and its respective corruption in the system its very easy).

I would assume that rational thinkers like your self would see the idea as holistic. Please do not identify the idea with Peter's first film Zeitgeist the movie or any other. The idea would stand alone. that is the good earth is rich and can provide everyone and its time we let go of the superstitutions and focus our attention on how to inteligently manage the earths resources for the betterment of each and every human being.

Venus project may say they allow religions in a resource based economy, but its really not for them to force anything or allow anything. As people are brought up in a relevent social values away from all the superstitutions i believe religions will go away and humanity will stand with Science and its methods. and that is so far the best way in advocation which would save the human species.

PS. all your documentaries and books posted here are very very useful in educating the public on the truth, on the scientific methods and basically UN-condiotioning and i believe you are doing a great work (in a way supporting this idea)

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