Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IQ Puzzles


This mind-bending, entertaining and sometimes baffling test of your mental powers is a sure-fire winner. Arranged in levels of ascending difficulty, the puzzles pose a range of problems that will stretch your skills and sharpen your thinking. This is the perfect book for every puzzle fan who wants to push their IQ to limit.

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Anonymous said...

honestly appreciate the atheism and science related material provided here. great stuff. what i don't dig is the recent emphasizis on "iq training" (in general, refering to a tendency, not that very item here). i DO see, this is meant providing means to develope/strengthen thinking the proper way, the atheist's way.


but why don't stick to the direct approach? in opt for science to define oneself, atheism comes as a natural byproduct. and gaining knowledge in the field is probably a good enough intelligence training anyway - to acquire the line of arguments, and one is challenged to make a stand for this view of things, which really can become some task, at certain levels.

overmore, logic says, if atheists are intelligent, that doesn't mean everyone intelligent is bound to be atheist.. so, this seems not the string to pull. not to mention the basic fact, degree of intelligence largely results from genetic pre-condition, i.e. intelligence simply can't be "taught" that much to begin with.

so, with introducing imho crap like "iq puzzles", "mozart enhances iq" or "zeitgeist" here, this blog tends to become like any psi or the like you name it defined source of bullshit. a pity for sure.

BlindW@cher said...


IQ tests or Mozart don't convert atheists into religious zealots!

I gave them for as a "present" to you and it is OBVIOUS that they have not any relation with atheism. So your argument has no meaning with it!

It is not a rule that every intelligent people have to become an atheist, but it is a fact that religion does not require intelligence...

Also, CRAP and BULLSHIT, I'm sure, are not in the terms of "IMHO"

Anonymous said...

alright then, apologize for certain inconsistency in the language used above. issue is, though, i myself solely visit this blog as a source for material on contemporary science, atheism. and there's plenty worthwhile to occupy oneself with provided here, i really do appreciate that. still, means, stumbling across "off topics" (what you choose to call "presents") tends to annoy me.
but i see, thats a too selfish point of view. if folks like the blog that way, who am i to spoil the fun? keep on and thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

what's IQ ?? is there a guide for 'Dummies

seriously, thought provoking site, thanks

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