Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Letting Go of God - Julia Sweeney (Audiobook)

Julia Sweeney says she was a "happy Catholic girl" when, one day, she walked into church and signed up for a Bible-study course. "What an eye opener that was!" she says. "Next thing you know, I was on a quest for something I could really believe in. I traveled to places like Bhutan, Ecuador, and my local Starbucks looking for answers. Would I embrace Buddhism? New Age pseudo-science? Was I a freak for feeling the way I did, or were there other people out there just like me? I was grappling with serious questions. But, somehow, a lot of the things that were happening to me seemed, well, funny." Equally comedic and insightful, Letting Go of God is Sweeney's brilliant one-woman show about her struggle with her faith. Grappling with the seeming contradictions in Adam and Eve, Noah, the Ten Commandments, and even the teachings of Jesus - and trying to understand the Bible's messages about morality, family values, and human suffering while faced with door-knocking Mormons and wise-cracking priests - Sweeney takes listeners on her very personal journey from God to "not-God". This performance was recorded on November 19, 2005, at the Ars Nova Theatre in New York City. Amazon

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Anonymous said...

This is really excellent !.
I see its missing chapter 10 on disk one. is this chapter available ?

anyway, Thanks very much for sharing this.

Fuzzy Duck said...

This was so charming and encouraging. Thank you for uploading this!

Indy said...

Thank you for this:)

Anonymous said...

has the 10th chapter issue being solved

mirex said...

Thanks very much for this.

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