Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Music For The Mozart Effect: Volume 1 - Strengthen the Mind


Improve your mind listening the music (The Mozart Effect theory is controversial though) of the pure genius.

Also this collection consists of brilliant and very strong pieces of Mozart. Enjoy the power of classical music.

Highly recommended!

File Size: 230 MB


[Listen The Mozart Effect: Volume 2 - Heal the Body]


Anonymous said...

You know there is no such thing as the mozart effect?

Luftritter said...

Yes the Mozart effect is bunk. But ¿how can you refuse a gift of wonderful Mozart music?
Thanks a lot!

Arjun said...

This is why all atheists are not skeptics

piano lessons westampton nj said...

Studies shows that Mozart effect stimulates cognitive areas of the brain. If this is the case, it should be recommended in teaching to overcome learning difficulties. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Ciaran said...

Studies show no such thing, at least no more than any other complex music. The Mozart effect has been dismissed. That said, I love Mozart on a non-medical level and while I'm here thanks for the all the other stuff you post. Many, many hours of enlightenment and entertainment.

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