Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Zeitgeist Addendum

Most controversial documentary Zeitgeist, The Movie which is distributed freely on the internet continues with a sequel. There are no conspiracy theories about 9/11 this time or they don't claim the government will control us implanting chips into our brains as in the first episode. Zeitgeist Addendum is suggesting that we must eliminate all monetary systems to save our world. It sounds nice but how can that be possible?

The solution is The Venus Project!

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Screen Cap:

P.S. I don't support Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project. This is a really ridiculous utopic/spiritual science-fiction fantasy. They want to free you under a monopoly! Also to create a world without money, you should buy their merchandise! Oh, that is the logic!

I release this video because just I want you to see everything with your own eyes.

File Size: 717 MB

Download (English Subtitle Included):
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