Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Assassins of the Mind by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens, contributing editor of Vanity Fair, writes in his column about the violance against Salman Rushdie and Muslim fundamentalists' pressure of censorship.

"In the hot days immediately after the fatwa, with Salman himself on the run and the TV screens filled with images of burning books and writhing mustaches, I was stopped by a female Muslim interviewer and her camera crew and asked an ancient question: 'Is nothing sacred?' I can’t remember quite what I answered then, but I know what I would say now. 'No, nothing is sacred. And even if there were to be something called sacred, we mere primates wouldn’t be able to decide which book or which idol or which city was the truly holy one. Thus, the only thing that should be upheld at all costs and without qualification is the right of free expression, because if that goes, then so do all other claims of right as well.' " [Read more...]

Also Watch: Christopher Hitchens submits to waterboarding torture


Anonymous said...

Could the poster make nice PDFs of these articles for downloading? That would be great!

Anthony Pham said...

Unfortunately my mother has let her subscription to Vanity Fair a long while ago in favor of less stimulating womens magazines :/

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