Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Who Wrote the Bible? (2004)

Religion is in the center of world politics today. The Bible has been used as an imperialistic power to justify their politics for centuries. However most of the people believe that the Bible is really the words of God. Theologian Dr. Robert Beckford seeks the answers and makes voyage to Jerusalem, Turkey, Rome and the US to find out the origins of the Testaments.

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Atheistonly said...

thanks for informing me about the new stuff. also thanks for uploading these great movies.

Norwegian. said...

Thanks for this marvelous blog!

I quite liked this documentary, the ending was very informative about Dr. Beckford's faith and faith generally.

Even though he knew the bible had many authors, human authors, rewriting, rewriting and rewriting it after first being told from person to person, he stills sees it as a true book of Jesus and God. He asks everyone to question the facts about Bible, yet he doesnt ask the most important question; is the Bible created wholly by man and is it fiction?

It doesnt even seem to enter his mind that the monotheistic God might be made up. Which the evidence suggests.

He talks about going to church as a child, and being religious as young. This is what indoctrinating kids can do, asking some questions, but ignoring the most important ones. Blind faith.

chochis said...

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Rodrigo said...

Thanks. Subtítulos en español/Spanish Subs:


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