Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Atheist Pictures and Cartoons [Booster Pack]

Additional atheist, sceptic and anti-creationist pictures and cartoons for your first pack including over 200 images.

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ZAROVE said...

This post is 3 years old or so, but I will respond.

Even the Atheistic retelling of American History you see online a lot says Jefferson and Franklin were Deists, not Atheists. Of course the assumption that being a Deist means you aren’t a Christian is daft, but even accepting this, how is Deism the same as Atheism?

Both Franklin and Jefferson mentioned God in both Public and Private writings, with Franklin having given up Deism by his 30’s and firmly believing in God, and his active role in Human Affairs. Jefferson boldly proclaimed himself a Christian, and hwile he’d be a Liberal one today, still never rejected outright the Faith.

Please don’t’ think I’m just a Christian who wants my Heroes to be Christian and to have Founded a Christian Nation and toss that up as if I ignore real History. I’m a Monarchist and a Tory and think they were Traitors. I don’t esteem them highly, least of all Jefferson, but its simply not correct to say they were Atheists.

The same can be said of Abraham Lincoln, whom I also do not regard highly but who did speak of God. In his Youth he did castigate Christianity, but gave that up in his 30’s.

Einstein is another false Atheist. While some quotes out of context of him circulate, if you bothered to read them he only said he did not believe in a Personal God. He still, however, believed in God. Its not like belief in a god means that god has to be a personal one interested in individual fates.

Darwin was an Agnostic.

The rest were indeed Atheists. But why would anyone care? Hemmingway and Twain were novelists, and I can readily show you acclaimed Novelists who believed in God. Tolkien was a Catholic, for example, and Dickens was a Protestant Christian. Orson Scott Card is a Mormon. What does this prove? Why should I care that Hemmingway or Twain were Atheists? Do you care that Dostoyevsky or Alfred Lord Tennyson were Christians? What about Brilliant Jewish Writers or Brilliant Muslim ones? Hinduism boasts several as well. It’s not as if the only acclaimed authors in the world are or were Atheists.

The same problem exists for Sagan. While he was an Atheist and an Astronomer, not all Astronomers are Atheists, and even celebrated ones who have gained the respect of the Scientific Community .

I realise this is simply propaganda, but the idea that you can link Intelligence to Atheism as if somehow because the men shown were Atheists it means that brilliance is linked to Atheism is simply a poor argument as too many Brilliant men of too many other views exist to make that substantial. The fact that 4 of the 8 weren’t Atheists (if we lump Agnostics in) only further erodes any validity.

The other cartoons also Fail. Look at the “This book has no answers” cartoon. I know, I know, it’s the Bible and online Atheists everywhere feel the need to bash it, but isn’t it Childish to assume the Bible can’t have any worth at all or any wisdom at all to convey? That its entirely and utterly useless? This is the sort of pointlessness that really proves All the talk of Reason and Logic are a ruse.

ZAROVE said...

Oh, and the Bible sn't really chaned over Time. You can still get the same Bibles in stores today as 100 years ago...

David Roberts said...

Whether or not the American presidents agree with you or not does not add or withdraw from the face that evolution is real, religion is intrinsically evil and there is no God.

When Einstein referred to God that was his collective term for the universe and everything that went on in it, hence no personal god, he didn't believe in a genie living in the sky that grants wishes and burns homosexuals.

There is little to no information in the bible that isn't understood naturally. Do you really think that on the walk to the mountain where Moses got the Ten Commandments they were fucking each others wives, stealing, and murdering each other without realising that it was wrong?

The bible hasn't changed much over time of course, except the various versions of it and the books that are in the catholic bible that aren't in the protestant bible. However the picture is supposed to illustrate that christians ignore what they wish and take what they wish to control others. Can't remember tiger woods getting stoned while tied to a stake because of his adultery, or the parents of raped teenage girls being forced to pay a fine to the parents of the rapist for letting herself be raped.

Don't get me wrong I'm glad that no she-bears came out and killed everyone in my village when me and my friends laughed at that bald priest. (2 Kings 2:24)

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