Monday, March 2, 2009

Family Guy - The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins' book appears in Family Guy.

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Here is the dialogs:
Brian: Oops!
Girl: I'm sorry.
Brian: I don't think you want this book. It is all about atheism.
Girl: Oh, I know. I'm an atheist.
Brian: Really? So am I.
Girl: It's all yours, I feel bad taking the last copy.
Brian: There is one way to settle this. If there is a god send another copy! I guess that's our answer.
Girl: Tell you what. How about I take it and then send it to you after I read it.
Brian: Swear to God?
Girl: Stop it!
Brian: 'Cause... missing will... Hey, listen. Here is my address.
Girl: Thanks! See you later.


The Maze Monster said...

i nearly shit my pants when I first saw this when it originally aired... i really didn't fully know that Seth MacFarlene was an atheist but now we know for sure... lol

dimas said...

can this vieo be uploded to youtube? thanks.

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