Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jimmy Doherty in Darwin's Garden - The Storm Breaks (Episode 2/3)

Jimmy Doherty goes on performing Charles Darwin's unusual experiments like feeding venus flytraps with boiled egg, sausage or human urine, tracing the slow movements of plants on the glass, trying to prove peacocks' tails are for sex. Broadcasted on 12 March 2009, BBC 2.

The Other Episodes: [1] [3]

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After his theory of evolution was attacked by critics, Darwin retreated to his garden in Kent to do new experiments that would defend his ideas. Jimmy Doherty re-creates some of this extraordinary work. He puts a snake into a monkey enclosure to find out whether monkeys are curious; he has his face electrically stimulated to create a smile; and musical instruments are played to an earthworm to test its hearing.

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