Monday, March 30, 2009

Youtube Suspended JREF Account

James Randi Educational Foundation has been banned on Youtube. The videos are unavailable at the moment.

If you want to learn what can you do on this ban, watch the video and don't forget to write a complaint to Youtube.

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Andrew Clunn said...

Was there any explanation given as to why this happened?

Liviu said...

WHAT LINK, WHAT LINK? I SEE NO LINK. Didi you mean the foundation's homepage? What should I write in the complaint letter? I've never heard of the foundation. All I know is that is's against pseudoscience and it's been flagged as offensive by some low educated yet highly motivated ignorants. Youtube should consider taking measures based on a flags/views ratio, since videos posted by an organisation that criticises aspcets of the society is more likely to be targetet by an organised attack.

(I think I might just writ that in my letter)

Liviu said...

Sorry for writing another so soon after my last one but i seem to have spoken before finding more about this issue. it seems it has to do with Oprah :) and her show being or not being about pseudo-science or not. Anyway, the fat lady made the complaint.

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