Sunday, April 12, 2009

Real Time With Bill Maher (2009.03.27)

"Theocracy plus nuclear weaponry is a terrifying threat." Christopher Hitchens

The 147th episode of Bill Maher's popular talk show. The guests are Christopher Hitchens, author; Salman Rushdie, novelist; Bill Bradley, former US Senator and Mos Def, actor/artist.

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Conor said...

This show was really good. Mos Def didn't do himself any favours, I thought his opinions were ill-informed and he was much too forceful and arrogant. I just watched this week's Real Time, Gore Vidal:)!

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot! Though I feel the panel would have reached its full height had Mos Def not been there..

Dave said...

When I watched this I thought perhaps Bill had some grudge against Rushdie. Why else would he compel Rushdie to converse with Mos Def.

Jad said...

I am a big fan of Rushdie and more of Hitchens, but I have to say, they were beating the drums of war against Iran while Mos Def was, simplistically, saying preventive aggression is as bad as aggression.

Iran is saying publicly that if the US is good to us, we'll be good to them. So Hitchens is basing his info on a gamble that Iran, when with nuclear weapons, will bluntly launch it at Tel Aviv... the arrogance here is living miles and miles away while declaring invasion on Iran is hypocritical. There are many ways to prevent a clash and I hope Obama will force an agreement.

Anonymous said...

Big mistake having Mos Def there.. Interupting all the time trying to be Chris Rock.

Stephen Andrew said...

The episode Mos Def was on alongside Cornel West was atrocious. Was he completely hammered. Regardless, he's a moron that released a really good CD a decade ago.

Raymond said...

Mos Def is brilliant but mos definitely not in this show.

I would like to believe that he was too high... acted a fool.

Thank you for the post.

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