Thursday, May 28, 2009

God is American (2007)

A documentary featured at Marfa Film Festival 2009 and focusing on famous cargo cult on Tanna island.

During WW II, the US navy used the island in Southern Pacific to build a military base and when the islanders met the American soldiers it was a tremendous cultural shock. And the islanders have believed in the Americans were demi-gods. During this period, John Frum, an American pilot landed on Tanna. No one knows him except the islanders. They believe in John Frum is their prophet and wait his return.

Their customs have been shaped by this belief.

"...they [cargo cults] do provide a fascinating contemporary model for the way religions spring up from almost nothing. In particular, they suggest four lessons about the origin of religions generally." as Richard Dawkins stated in The God Delusion, the documentary shows us the evolution of a religion.

Except all of these, this is a sad story of pride, loneliness and hopelesness.

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psybermonkey said...

This looks great, thanks!

Fuzzy Duck said...

Always wanted to see a documentary on the cargo cults. Thank you for posting this!

Thïrd World Man said...

This will be neat to see some of the lessons that the Missionaria Protectiva adapted in action..


Hope Patricio's: said...

I can't seem to open the part 2 file, any one have any ideas?

Hope Patricio's: said...

Part 4 needs a password to open it?

Anonymous said...

It works and opens fine. Thank you for this, can't find it anywhere else.

Hilarious/tragic story. Normal human seen as a god, false prophet taking personal gain from the situation, promises of a better life.... it has it all

Anonymous said...

God is American....... Well he must be a true cunt then....JUST SAYING!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this for a long time. Thanks a lot!

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