Saturday, May 23, 2009

Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris (Audiobook)

In response to his award-winning bestseller "The End of Faith," Sam Harris received thousands of letters from Christians excoriating him for not believing in God. "Letter to A Christian Nation" is his courageous and controversial reply. Learn Out Loud

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Fuzzy Duck said...

Thanks for posting this!

christian magazine said...

thanks for posting this... there are a lot of things that you can learn from this...

Gloaming said...

The audiobook has been converted to .m4b for iTunes/iPod.

You can easily change the suffix to m4a to play it with other audioplayers.

Also, the file has been properly tagged and includes imbedded bookcover.

La Plume said...

Read that book this summer... I gotta say, although I agreed with most of the content, I hate what Sam Harris said regarding Muslims in France. He said that most prisons in France are filled with Muslims. Indeed this may be true I don't know, however this is certainly not due to their religious practice as Harris suggested it. Muslims in France are the equivalent of Catholics... They don't practice religion as fundamentalists do. In fact, except during the Ramadan ( and THAT's talking about Friday), you'll see few Muslims going to the mosque everyday. Just like most Christians, they don't even know the content of the Koran apart from the 5 Pillars of Islam.

If prisons may be filled with Muslims it's mainly due to the fact that most of them are at the bottom of the economic ladder just like Blacks in America.

So yes, Islam is growing strong in Europe, this indeed is a big problem... This however is only partially due to Muslims living in Europe. Because they represent an economic and political force, Europe has tried to accommodate Muslims ( I remember when I was young, we used to pray in the cave of a house still unfinished with the smell of paint etc...) unfortunately, they did it the wrong way hence the issues with the veils, the burqat, shariah law and whatnot. The main problem is that Great Britain and Germany notably, have relied on financing from foreign countries which practices of Islam are literal... which had the effect of bringing into Europe misogynistic priests with literal interpretation of these 'sacred texts'.

France however have completely refused that option hence the debates... Although there is an organization supposed to represent Muslims... but whose heads supported by the Government are strangely more radical than the average Muslims.

Last thing to mention. France and the USA cannot be compared with two sentences like Harris did in his book. Our way of seeing the world is entirely different. Here, we hate communitarians. If it's normal to have Blacks with blacks, yellows with yellows, whites with whites in the US, here we like races to mix, we like people to blend. It doesn't mean that you have to forget your culture but it has to integrate the French one as part of it. Being Mixed and having a double, quadruple heritage is something which is envied and this even if you've lost part of you inheritance during the process. I see the US more as a salad with different ingredients all in the same plate but separate except in few areas. France is more like a salad with everything mixed in it and this is why the veil is such a strong problem here. It sets Muslims apart, it says " We are different from you. We may see ourselves as French, but French in our own little corner.", and this is completely opposite the French spirit.

Muslims marrying people of no faith or of other faith is not uncommon here but Muslims with the veil doing so is another story except if the girl or guy in question converts.

Very last point, France again cannot be compared with the US because, its Muslim population represents 13% of the French Pop while the US is a bit less than 1% if I'm not mistaken. Moreover, most of us don't believe in God here... Christians do their baptism or whatnot marry to the church and that's about it. Basically we don't speak of God nor say "God bless you" every single day like Americans do. In fact, try it here and you'll be looked at like you're a mad man. Knowing that you can hardly say that criminality is due here to religious ideas. You'll see nobody killing a doctor for abortion here.(...)

La Plume said...

We do have our own debates and mind you they're fierce. Recently a football match was canceled because one of the team comprised of Muslims while the other had some homosexuals. Well the Muslims in question refused to play with the other team. Obviously this was condemned by close to everyone including most of Muslims here and something was to reconcile both parties. Our conception of liberty and democracy is different. Hence, Harris had to take into account this before putting on his American model on us.

I really liked "The End of Faith", I thought it was a brilliant piece of work although I didn't agree with part of it. Letter to a Christian Nation was a bit of a disappointment and as a French and former Muslim I was really pissed at the shortcuts Harris did in that one.

If you don't know what you're talking about, you should just keep quiet.

mirex said...

alternative -

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