Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uri Geller's Compass Trick Revealed by James Randi

James Randi reveals Uri Geller's compass trick. It's a simple kid trick though.

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Randy Stinks said...

Hey Randy,I think u are a silly old fool.You have spent half your life and I hope half your money trying to disprove Uri Geller.In my mind you still havnt done that even though I dont believe Uri is a Psychic.Its just that his tricks are way too advanced for you to fully work out.I still havnt seen u reproduce the spoon bending anywhere near like Geller doing it.Plus your silly sign reading trick was so easy to work out even though I am not a magician.You have a light under the table or YOU WOULDT have put the envelope down.Then u stared at the table with the envelope in a very unprofessional manner.So crappy.Just get a life enjoy what u have left and try and stop worrying about Geller and other so called psychics.You stink

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