Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buñuel: Atheist Thanks to God (2005)

"If someone could prove God's luminous existence to me right now it would have no effect whatsoever upon my behavior. I cannot believe that God watches me at all times that he's interested in my health, my desires, my mistakes. I cannot believe, and in any case I do not accept that he could punish me for all eternity. What am I to him? Nothing. A shadow of mud. My passage on this earth is so brief that I leave no traces. I am a poor mortal. I am of no consequence in either space or time. God has no interest in us. And if he exists, it's as if he didn't."

A documentary on surreal film maker Luis Buñuel and his political and religious allegory, The Milky Way (La voie lactée).

Buñuel loves to target religion in his movies, he satirizes and exaggerates it with subtle images, such as in The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie).

The Milky Way is a good example to that kind of critical language.

However we should ask this question: Is Buñuel really an atheist?

Maybe. Maybe not in terms of usual atheism. He obsessively appreciates the mysteries within Christianity, for example adores the image of Virgin Mary, but he denies the existence of God, and portrays Jesus as an ordinary man whose miraculous powers were suspicious.

He is a modern heretic, and totally against dogma.

I also may upload The Milky Way in near future.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, first off, thanks for sharing this ample of knowledge!
I have downloaded this video but i can not understand french. do you know where i can get the subtitles?

dobrila said...

This blog is awesome.... Thanks a lot! :)

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