Thursday, June 18, 2009

Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith - Robert Spencer

To proclamations that Islam is a religion of peace, Spencer responds (in chapters entitled with questions such as "Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?" and "Is Islam Tolerant of Non-Muslims?") with evidence, historical and recent, of harsh treatment of women, other religionists, and social minorities in Islamic societies. Besides the facts Spencer presents, his citations of the Qur'an; the hadiths, or sayings and deeds of Muhammad; and Islamic authorities across the liberal-to-fundamentalist spectrum verify attitudes and practices that secular Westerners and present-day Jews and Christians don't think of as peaceable, just, or decent. For instance, slavery and polygamy may be waning in Islamic societies, but they aren't disapproved of or banned because the Qur'an and hadiths endorse them. Islam hasn't adapted to change nearly as much as Judaism and Christianity have, and that accounts for its savage relations with the West. Spencer doesn't see either Islam moderating or the West regarding Islam realistically any time soon. Barring "some wondrous intervention from the Merciful One," he concludes, the immediate future "will be difficult." Alarmingly cogent. Ray Olson

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Makarios said...

I think Islam is the single most dangerous movement this world has ever seen. If it isn't somehow reined in, atheist and Christian heads will end up on the same chopping block.

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully MTV corrupts their youth faster than their faith does. XD

akhter said...

Spencer is not liar,but also deceiver

Anonymous said...

Spencer is not , mohamad is, he is also sex fiend that loves young virgin girl aka, pedophile, teaches people to lie, remember Al-Taqqiya !

akhter said...

I repeat again Spencer is a deceiver and a liar ,Mohammad for your information married a widow who was 17 years older then him. When she passed away his second wife was also a widow and 62 years old,where does your accusation of a pedophile fit in ??.Now he did marry a virgin who was a young 19 years old, whats wrong with that? , Marry mother of Jesus was 11 years of age when she married Joseph .
Al Taqqiya, you read Spenser you get decived .Read this for a comperehensive answer.
would you lie or tell the truth, if a rapist knowing you have a beautiful daughter burst into your house demanding where she is,would you not lie and say she is not home ,or would be a good christian and tell him to go to her bedroom upstairs.

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