Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marjoe (1972)


Marjoe, also Christopher Hitchens mentions the movie and him in God is not Great, is a story of a child preacher and ordained minister whose parents make a large of sums money benefiting from his success. In this documentary he confesses how he manipulated and deceived the people just using his--earthly-- talent and most importantly shows behind the curtains and how people are easily deceived by faith healers.

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C Woods said...

I remember seeing this documentary on PBS. It confirmed everything I believed about evangelists, and then some. I loved the scene where they were counting the money and singing (if I remember correctly) "Jesus has been good to me,,,," I also hated it ---because a lot of people who probably couldn't afford to give money away were paying for something they weren't going to get ---salvation, healing, forgiveness...

Thïrd World Man said...

For anyone that is interested, do check out Marjoe's solo album he made after the film which brilliantly subverts many typical worship numbers and is now a OOP LP.


maurohug said...

I downloaded this documentary from this wonderful site,but, although I'm very proficient in english language - I'm from Brasil, South América, my native language is portuguese - I couldn't understand this movie a hundred per cent! So, could anyone send me its english subtitles to my e-mail adress, please? I've been searching the web,but,I couldn't find the subtitles so far! My e-mail:

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