Thursday, July 30, 2009

BBC - The Story of God (2 of 3) No God but God

In the second episode, Lord Winston makes a journey to the tomb of Abraham where keeps the followers of the two faith apart. He searches the golden calf myth, the God's first massacre to Book of Exodus. Later he goes down the pagan side beneath modern Rome and joins Shi'a Muslims' brutal remembrance ceremonies for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Other Episodes: [1] - [3]

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Anonymous said...

Very dubious research on the history of Judaism and Christianity. (I'm neither) Many historical errors were made in the compiled narrative. Gross errors were made as popular culture and political filters were applied to Islam. In all, the mistakes were horrific from a research standpoint. The accuracy is little better than a popular news reporter on network television.

Very disappointing, but the video tour around the religious sites was interesting.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen it yet, but would like to know what yout think were errors. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

"I have not seen it yet, but would like to know what yout think were errors. Thanks!"

I wrote the first "anonymous" comment to part 1, here on this site.

Essentially, presenter & writer assume mythologies to be literal. We might as well say that Mythras or Krisha were historical figures. And archaeologists Finkelstein and Silberman (The Bible Unearthed) have presented to us abundant evidence that the entire Old Testament is fiction as there is zero archeological evidence for any of the Biblical stories. All of the Old Testament was composed during the temple cult period of the N. Kingdom of Judea, circa 7th century BCE. All stories were borrowed, modified, and designed to give the kingdom a history. The scribes and priests perpetrated a fraud. Although, this was not at all uncommon during ancient times. Mythologies and gods were borrowed and modified all the time, plagiarism, as we think of it today, was rampant. This is the same method by which the four NT gospels were created, as well as the Acts of the Apostles, most of Paul's epistles.

And the presenter in this "Documentary" presents all of these things as though there are real history! In this day, after all of the archeological discoveries, the revelations brought out through vast historical research, studies in comparative mythology & religion, textual analysis, and new found manuscripts which do nothing to verify the canonical testaments, it is ridiculous for the presenter, writer and researcher for this documentary to present such utter B.S.!

He, and those like him, should be called out for their gross errors.

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