Thursday, July 30, 2009

BBC - The Story of God (3 of 3) The God of the Gaps

The last episode is focusing on the struggle between science and religion.

Galileo Galilei discovered that his observations contradicted the Bible and in the middle of 19 century Darwin pushed back the God with his theory of evolution.

Robert Winston meets Richard Dawkins and Dean Hamer who claimed that he found God gene (VMAT2).

Then he visits a creationist museum and debates the creationist Ken Ham in a radio show (I think the most interesting part of the episode).

The episode ends at the CERN laboratory.

Other Episodes: [1] - [2]

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Andrew Clunn said...

Can these be purchased anywhere, in case we want to support future productions like this?

BlindW@cher said...

I've found only the book version written by Robert Winston on I think there is no DVD release yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, just finished part 3. More inaccuracies. Very disappointing series. It amounts to little more than a fairly good video tour of religious sites, except for the Far East. The most objective reports were about religious views originating in the East. Zoroastrianism was well covered though. Clearly, Judaism, Christianity and Islam all are blended and updated versions of Zoroastrian and Egyptian theologies.

And finally, Robert Winston confesses, as I had already intuited earlier in the series, that he is not an atheist; and further, that he is a Jew, with evident Jewish prejudices.

The series is more of a video-graphed series of commentaries about the so-called history of God by a Jewish commentator.

Robert Winston is clearly not objective, nor expert on these histories. Pathetic choices by BBC.

Anonymous said...

I've never been impressed with Robert Winston's docos. Wayyyyyy to many just-so stories and marginally unfalsifiable fluff 'science'. Ben Goldacre calls him out for this too.

Anonymous said...

the link for part 4 of the 3rd episode seems to be broken

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