Monday, July 6, 2009

Discovery - Alien Neighbors

 If we are not alone, who or what else out there? Is anybody listening? Is physical travel from one star system to another possible?

Our technology is not sufficient to detect any intelligent life form beyond hundred-millions light years. There are over 125 billion galaxies and we may never catch any sign.

If there is a life, how will it develop? Will the mechanics of evolution be similar on the Earth?

Astronomers and scientists like Richard Dawkins explain their arguments on extraterrestrials.

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Fuzzy Duck said...

I think you mean ASTRONOMERS, not "astrologers." When was the last time astrologers contributed anything to science? (Or anything worthwhile, for that matter?)

Thanks for posting this!

BlindW@cher said...

Yeah, I know the difference quite well!

Among a lot of scientific and pseudoscientific stuffs my mind plays tricks on me.

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