Sunday, July 26, 2009

God Trumps Pack

God Trumps is a funny and wicked game produced by New Humanist Magazine and devised by Christina Martin. It's freely delivered to new subscribers.

I added the all 24 cards in 1 pack. Enjoy!

File Size: 0.98 MB


Andrew Clunn said...

No love for Tenrikyo?

Leaveyou said...

Can't find Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster in the pack. That's too bad

J.on said...

I think the FSM card might go something like this:

Age: a pitiful 4 years [1/10]

Wealth: lots of dough, but, aside from t-shirt & bumper sticker sales, little cash. [2/10]

Follower dedication: "weekend hobbiest" class, thus giving them a slight lead over Unitarians [4/10]

Daffiest Doctrine: That pirates are peace-loving. [3/10]

Weapon of choice: Food-fighting [9/10]

Easily Offended?: Generally laid-back, but may be put off by anti-pasti sentiments [2/10]

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