Sunday, July 12, 2009

A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - Karen Armstrong

This searching, profound comparative history of the three major monotheistic faiths fearlessly illuminates the sociopolitical ground in which religious ideas take root, blossom and mutate. Armstrong, a British broadcaster, commentator on religious affairs and former Roman Catholic nun, argues that Judaism, Christianity and Islam each developed the idea of a personal God, which has helped believers to mature as full human beings. Yet Armstrong also acknowledges that the idea of a personal God can be dangerous, encouraging us to judge, condemn and marginalize others. Recognizing this, each of the three monotheisms, in their different ways, developed a mystical tradition grounded in a realization that our human idea of God is merely a symbol of an ineffable reality. To Armstrong, modern, aggressively righteous fundamentalists of all three faiths represent "a retreat from God." She views as inevitable a move away from the idea of a personal God who behaves like a larger version of ourselves, and welcomes the grouping of believers toward a notion of God that "works for us in the empirical age." Publishers Weekly

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Anonymous said...

Why not correctly entitle such a book "A History of the Ideas of God". That's all they are, ideas - but the believers seem to miss that point.

detorn said...

this is where we get side tracked. Let me draw an analogy. I'm a huge fan of star wars. If I were to write a book about the history of the characters in star wars I would call it "A History of The Jedi" or whatever. There are enough real problems that these people cause that we do not need to get wrapped up in semantics.

And, it's a decent book.. **Shrugs**

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