Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Shermer vs. Dinesh D'Souza

Michael Shermer and Dinesh D'Souze come together once again to challenge on atheism and religion. Is religion a force for good or evil? Did Christianity give us our moral values? Is science a faith?

Who will win the debate? Reason or demagogy?

Took place in Nashville, on March 2008

PS Thanks to RV

File Name ..........: Michael.Shermer.v.Dinesh.DSouza.2008.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 479,49 MB
Video Length .......: 01:24:19
Resolution .........: 720 x 400


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Flavour Flavio said...

So did I.

BlindW@cher said...

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wirraroo said...

Thanks for this and your excellent blog. One thing though, debates like this..I've viewed a few... are not enhanced by the video content. The audio in mp3 format would suffice and save a larger download. Thanks again.

Raymond said...

Great debate. I guess I'm too used to Christopher Hitchens simply schooling everyone.

Didn't know Shermer was this bad....
Or D'Souza this good?

Bounderby said...

I know this is an old posting, but very interesting nonetheless. Shermer is completely outclassed by D'Souza as a speaker and a debater. This indicates the weakness of such public displays; D'Souza's arguments are facile but attractive; when he suggests that either there is mass delusion or the believers are correct he avoids all of the psychological explanations of belief that hsve been proven. Actually, it is possible for masses of people to be wrong..let me see...Nazi Germany...the entire population of North Korea...the Flat Earth Society. Numbers don't count. However D'Souza remains the better speaker..speaking rubbish but in a very polished fashion. He is a door to door vacuum cleaner salesman who has got religion...he's really good, but the product is still crap.

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