Saturday, August 15, 2009

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Holier than Thou (feat. Christopher Hitchens)

Cruel Mother Teresa, racist Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama the king of feudal Tibet where criminals were punished with torture including eye gouging?

Do these attributes sound like oxymoron to you?

If you think so, then everything you know about those holy (!) people is false!

Let's listen some authors such as Christopher Hitchens, Aroup Chatterjee and Michael Parenti.

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"C" said...

Racist Mahatma Gandhi? I don't think so. I have seen the Mother Teresa one before and he is spot on but I want to see the Gandhi thing. One time Gandhi said something to the effect that "Hitler wasn't as bad a people were making him out to be", something like that but, that was during the British Colonized India, and I don't think Concentration camps and such were public knowledge.

Read this at my blog

Peace TQO

and let me know if that is another Christopher Hitchens doc or something you were referring to?

psybermonkey said...

this looks great, thanks!

BlindW@cher said...


Watch the video before making unsupported comments.

Ateizam said...

I don't know much about mother Theresa, but I heard Hitchens several times pointing out that mother Theresa wasn't that good as people refer to be. I'm not one of those who'd say: "Yes, he's right!" just because we share the same opinion, but knowing that Mother Theresa said that AIDS is the punishment for the inappropriate sexual behavior tells me more than Hitchens needs to say. that's why I believe Hitchens, thought. I can't say about the rest of the folks appearing in the vid, Mahatma Gandhi and Dalai Lama, but Penn and Teller don't say bullshits (even their show is called that way). They made a good point about creationism and Circumcision so why they wouldn't be right about Gandhi and Lama?

Raymond said...

Thank you for this post.
Christopher Hitchens is simply the best.

bob said...

1 of all mahatma does not mean saint its cobination of 2 sanskrit words maha and aatma meaning great and soul respectively.

mahatma simply means greatsoul wich he was. it was title give to him by indians with love according to indian customs. he did

not ask for it futher more he onece said to reporter after hindu muslim riots that he should die from assasins bullet and if

accepts that bullet with courge and says gods name with last breath only then he should be called mahatma. and he did ,thats

why he is mahatma
many people dont know that gandhi volenter in british hospitals during zuluwar in south africa. he did it serve

british empirer in wich he belive until that moment what he swa change his life. there was time when gandhi belive in empire

& racismm, in his biography he tell how when his father was sick instead taking care of his father we went to have sex with

his wife and next day he find out that his father die that night. he accept his faults and he dedicated his hole life to

overcome them.many african leaders admired him like martin luther king,nelson mandela and Howard Thurman who meat him in

1935, Benjamin Mays the following year, and Howard University dean William Stuart Nelson in 1946. where they all fools for

following racist gandhi.
albert ainstine onece said added, "Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and

blood walked upon this earth." no one can dispute that gandhi existed but stupide people such as penn and teller try to

dispute his good deeds.
when gandhi was alive he had many enamies they constantly try to defame him calling by all sorts of

names accusing him of many discusting things he was killed by indian man, even today many people in india dont like his

phelosophy of non voilence he was close whith congress pary leader nehru . so today congres party shows him as ther political

leader so the oppostion party who try to defame congress party also try to defame gandhi.people who speaks against gandhi are

often belong to this parties. such a henace accustion made aginst gandhi comes from there dirty minds which they can never

prove,they say anything aginst father of india beacause india is a free country thanks to gandhi.
it must be difficult for penn and teller to get all the facts togeher and do all the reserch for

show which run for 30 minutes weakly. i hope they improve upon ther reaserch

Richard said...


Do you have the subtitles (in eng.) for this video?

Thanks and congratz for posting this.

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