Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Salmon of Doubt - Douglas Adams (Audiobook + E-book)

Man the maker looks at his world and says, “So who made this, then?” Who made this?—you can see why it’s a treacherous question. Early man thinks, “Well, because there’s only one sort of being I know about who makes things, whoever made all this must therefore be a much bigger, much more powerful and necessarily invisible, one of me, and because I tend to be the strong one who does all the stuff, he’s probably male.” And so we have the idea of a God. Then, because when we make things, we do it with the intention of doing something with them, early man asks himself, “If he made it, what did he make it for?” Now the real trap springs, because early man is thinking, “This world fits me very well. Here are all these things that support me and feed me and look after me; yes, this world fits me nicely,” and he reaches the inescapable conclusion that whoever made it, made it for him.

Here is a small clip which tells the origin of God from the audio version of The Salmon of Doubt.

Also you can download the whole book if you wish.

The audiobook version narrated by Simon Jones and contributed by Stephen Fry, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Cerf.

[E-book - epub/mobi/pdf - 1 MB]

[Audiobook - MP3, 48kbps - 161 MB]

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Andy Holroyd said...

Thank you, this is brilliant :)

Alex said...

Hi there! I would really like to read this book, but the file was deleted from rapidshare. Plese, could someone upload it to some mirror? Thanks in advance... I'm a big Douglas Adam's fan.

mirex said...

Thanks for the audiobook, eBook link dead.

Anonymous said...

I listened to most of the non-story part of this audiobook. It was extremely boring. I haven't listened to the story part yet.

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