Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inside the Koran (2008)

Inside the Koran is a brave and intelligent documentary on how Islam is interpreted and practiced by Muslims in different countries and provides deep insight on the subject such as how is living inside the hijap for a Muslim woman, how is Sharia (Islamic law) practiced together with modern day bureaucracy or what does the Qur'an say about crime and punishment?

The vital portion of the program is the analysis of some layers of the oldest Qur'an ever. Even orthodox Muslims believe that the Qur'an is the ultimate and unchanging word of God. However the truth is totally different. These ancient texts do not contain distinguishing dots which mean individual words can have thirty different meanings. Moreover forensic examinations revealed the earlier texts that have been washed off and overwritten. In a nutshell the written Qur'an shows variation, words have been changed, verses and whole chapters rearranged.

After watching this stunning documentary, you may never look at the Islam same way again, if you are a moderate and rational believer.

Main topics of the program:
- The Golden AgeTolerance and Intolerance
- Islam Divided
- Crime and Punishment
- The Word of God
- Hidden Meanings
- Twenty First Century Koran

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psybermonkey said...

This the best documentary I've seen on islam and the koran. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

A very interesting documentary, but it still paints islam in a fairly positive light - No mention of the jizya (dhimmi tax) or of Aisha - An honest documentary doesn't gloss over facts that may make the viewer uncomfortable

kindman said...

as Muslim this it's not good movie the worker don't know any thing a bout Islam they try to find any wrong thing.
they don't distinguish between sound and drawing letter.

hceeler said...

I'm not sure people on this site actually wants to know the facts from fiction about the Muslim societies and what conditions they live under...they rather take sam harris for granted ( i don't disagree with most of what he says but don't understand his false claims of knowing enough to prematurely judge an entire group of people )!!!

every conclusion on this movie is funnier than the next
all I'm saying for the sake of intellect and objective criticism know the correct data and don't judge Muslims who's mostly lives and dictatorships for decades based on other things other than you're personal verifiable knowledge .

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