Thursday, October 1, 2009

Richard Dawkins on The Colbert Report (2009.09.30)

"I think, I argued elsewhere that anywhere in the Universe where there's life it will turn out to be Darwinian life. It is the only game in the Universe, not just on Earth."

I want that crocoduck tie!

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John said...

hahahaha -- his tie has a crock-o-duck!

psybermonkey said...

"Why are there ugly people in the world?"

Answer: Alcohol

Luftritter said...

I can't believe some of this religious people uses the "nothing came from nothing" nonsensical argument. Makes me sick every time I hear It. How is that even related with evolution? If we were speaking of abiogenesis maybe...
Richard Dawkins witty as usual. Loved his new book.

Maddi Djara said...

Praised by Saint Dawkins! LOL

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