Sunday, October 4, 2009

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (2009.10.02)

Bill Maher: "How can we have the same brain?"

Richard Dawkins: "I'm sorry to say we don't have the same brain. I mean there is variation. One of the main principles of the Darwinian theory is plenty of variation for natural selection to work on and there is sure enough very plenty of variation in brain part. All the way from Einstein on the one hand, Sarah Palin at the other."

P.S I ripped only Dawkins part.

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detorn said...

the youtube link:

bryanhanna said...

Wow every time I hear Bill Maher talk about religion I hate him more and more. Its annoys me that he speaks out on the side of atheism because he never has any new thoughts on the debate he just pokes fun at the easy target that christian ideology is.

Andrew Clunn said...

Dawkins has exposed himself so clearly as being a lefty first, and a critical thinker second. His credibility was in question when Maher won an award. Now it's just shot. What a hypocrite and a jerk-off.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this.

Would you happen to have the recently aired PBS bio drama "Darwin's Darkest Hour"?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. What's wrong about considering yourself a lefty first and then a critical thinker? I'm a self declared communist and that does not make me an hypocrite neither a jerk off.
Maybe Bill Maher does not have the best arguments about atheism but that does not make him wrong either.

Anonymous said...

I loved this! Your blog is really handy, thank you :)

Andrew Clunn said...

A lot is wrong with it. There's a reason that the Skeptical movement and the Atheist movement are now butting heads about Maher and Dawkins. People should be secular because of critical thought and sound reasoning, not because they;re anti-religion. That's just trading one blind ideology for another. I'm not saying that one cannot be a rational individual and have some left leanings. I'm saying that when you put your political ideology above the thought process you used to arrive at your personal convictions then you become a tool and a hypocrite. Both these men are just that. They are, to put it bluntly, enemies of reason.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss something or why are you calling Dawkins a lefty? Cause he makes fun of Sarah Palin?

I'm as sure as can be that Dawkins isn't a communist if that's what you mean by lefty. He is most probably a democratic liberal if anything - and how exactly is that a bad thing again? And why does it make him and Bill hypocrites?

If you are a smart person, then the probability of you being a liberal rather than a republican in this day and age is pretty damn high to be perfectly bold.

Andrew Clunn said...

Two things. First, I stated that it was possible to be a lefty and rational. Dawkins doesn't care how you come to aplace where you're a left leaning atheist, just so long as you are one, even if its by brainwashing or illogical nonsense (which is exactly what Maher is all about.)

Second, the fact that you think that it's Republican vs liberals, makes it pretty clear that you are living under a false dichotomy. Try talking to some secular conservatives (there are plenty of us.) You might learn a thing or two.

Anonymous said...

I'm a European and almost everything I ever heard from the republicans -economically or otherwise- sounds simply abysmal to me. And in fact to most of us Europeans - the number 1 reason for hatred towards America would undoubtedly be the republican party and its insane actions and inactions.

It sure as hell wouldn't hurt America to get some social security for its people as well as some better regulation for its banks and business. Like in an actually civilized country.

On another note - Bill Maher even got some kind of award from the Richard Dawkins Foundation during the Atheist Alliance 2009 by the man himself. Dawkins' reason for awarding Bill was that unlike most comedians he is outspoken about his atheism and also for making the hilarious yet tragically true comedy-documentary "Religulous".

Dawkins said he definitely doesn't agree with all the stuff Maher says but I wouldn't say Dawkins is a hypocrite for awarding Bill Maher - he is the most outspoken and simultaneously known Atheist comedian (since George Carlin died that is). What Bill does is not brainwashing, its comedy - and comedy doesn't always rely on perfectly conducted arguments which should be understandable.

Does Bills work build opinions?
Sure. So what? Everything on TV does.

Andrew Clunn said...

"What Bill does is not brainwashing, its comedy - and comedy doesn't always rely on perfectly conducted arguments which should be understandable."

That is such a load of crap. When you're telling people not to get vaccines because they're just part of a conspiracy by the medical industry, that's not comedy. Lefties love to hide behind the phrase, "It's just comedy." I don't care if you're European and look down on the Republicans. I don't care what Europe thinks, or what America thinks or what any opinion polls are. All that should matter when forming an opinion are facts and logic, and the facts are that Bill Maher is wrong and spreading medical misinformation and that Dawkins couldn't give a damn, because he's more concerned with killing religion than spreading critical thought, which is the exact OPPOSITE of what he claims he wants.

Anonymous said...

Bill is telling people not to get vaccines? Did you hear him say that?
I am very skeptical about that claim, I can't really imagine Bill being that dumb. I am sure what he said was rather something along the lines of "don't take medication for every little shit, take it only if you actually really need it". Which I would agree with.

I do remember him being very critical about the pharmaceutical industry, but he's right about doing that. In America there literally are pills for every little shit you can imagine, even against perfectly normal human conditions...
"Do you wake up tired in the moring? Well then you need our new XY pills!"

Well of course you wake up tired in the morning - who the f*ck jumps out of bed like a spaz the second he wakes up? I mean seriously - Bill can be naive and uninformed about a lot of things - especially politics. But I really cannot imagine that he'd advise against taking medicine someone needs to combat a real illness.

Apart from that we can at least agree on one point: I think teaching and emphasizing critical and skeptical thinking (which would promote Atheism indirectly and under the radar) would be far more productive than always being perceived as "the ranting atheist".

Andrew Clunn said...

I'm sorry to inform you that yes, Bill Maher is a total anti-vaccine wacko.

Nafis Khalid said...

i mean, you guys, come one. forget about the political scene in the united states. have you seen what religion lets people get away with? anything even remotely related to religion or the word of god is beyond reproach. and people are suffering for this and even worse they accept it as normal.

Dawkins' research goes against creationist ideas so he must defend it. Maher wants to encourage more people to become atheists and free thinkers. for god's sake religion is stupid. and if both or either of them are against religion for the heck of it i'd support that too.

p.s. he made a mistake about vaccines. people put him in his place for that. just because he made ONE mistake doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to him when he's right. that's just childish behavior.

Andrew Clunn said...

Nafis Khalid,

A willingness to forgive people you want to be right, and attack in-mass the 'other' is a clear sign of an "us and them" mentality. I'll gladly forgive Maher as soon as he retracts his factually erroneous claims.

We should be TWICE as hard on ourselves and other secular leaders. If we aren't and give them a pass while nitpicking everything religious leaders do, then we are no better than them.

Nafis Khalid said...

we don't attack everything religious leaders do or say we only protest when they're wrong. sadly religion is in most cases wrong. when bill maher makes a mistake i'll speak against that as well. but that doesn't mean i'll stop supporting him when he is in fact right. that's what makes freethinkers better than religious people they don't go by blind faith, they consider something before agreeing or disagreeing with it.

Nafis Khalid said...

p.s. you are right about one thing. forgiving him won't do. but when he's right i'm with him a 100% but he's not my st. paul. when he's wrong he's wrong.

Mr said...

any chance 4 a reup ?

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