Monday, November 9, 2009

Darwin's Brave New World (Episode 1) Origins

"Evolution was damned as being anti-God and anti-science, because it's creation by natural law, not acts of God."

The theory of evolution by natural selection was the most radical idea in the conservative England of the 19th century. Darwin spent years working in secret, painstakingly piecing together proof of his theory about the evolution of life on Earth, a theory that revealed the beauty and cruelty of nature. Darwin knew the power of his work, a work which generated the fiercest debate about the creation which continues to this day.

These new series tell the astonishing and amazing story of this great mind, and the struggle between dogma and reason, featuring acclaimed scientists such as Richard Dawkins, and David Suzuki.

Broadcasted on November 8, 2009, ABC TV

Other episodes: [2] [3]

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