Friday, November 13, 2009

Science of Scams Video Pack

These series reveal paranormal phenomena and mostly give basic information on the subject. It's better to call it "Understanding the Pseudoscience for Beginners". For advanced levels, I recommend you watching James Randi videos: James Randi Video Packs 

I put together, the 10 videos that they already released on Youtube, in 1 pack.

Science of Scams YouTube Channel

The video titles:

Intro to Science of Scams
Brickbreaking Revealed
Chi Energy Revealed
Ghost on Film Revealed
Ouija Board Revealed
Psi Wheel Revealed with Intro
Psi Wheel Revealed
Psychic Readings Revealed
Telekinesis Revealed Revealed
Why We Believe Revealed
Ghost on Film Revealed Sample

Psi Wheel Revealed Sample
Ouija Board Revealed Sample

File size: 169 MB

1 comment:

Gordon Freeman said...

This is pretty good pack. I remember the Chi energy video from when I was a kid. It bother me the whole that time how it is done. Now I know. It is not that all these scams are done the exact way that videos present, but these videos explain how these scams can be easily done and that there is nothing supernatural. We need more people who will keep debunking shit. We need few more Randi around and these guys give us hope.

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