Friday, December 18, 2009

American Dad! - The Rapture for Kids

Ricky the Raptor: Hey, kids! I'm Ricky the Raptor, here to tell you about the rapture! The rapture is the beginning of the end of the world. It starts with all true christians floating up to heaven.

Jojo: What about the sinners that are left behind?

Ricky the Raptor: Well, Jojo, they get to witness the second coming of Jesus.

Jojo: Jesus is coming back? Did he forget something?

Ricky the Raptor: Nope, Jesus is coming back for Armageddon! A seven-year war where Jesus and his angels will battle demon soldiers of the underworld! All leading up to a final showdown between Jesus and the antichrist!

Jojo: Antichrist? You mean that green stuff that your daddy puts in the car?

Ricky the Raptor: No, silly, that's antifreeze! The antichrist is the son of Satan!

Jojo: Well, who's gonna win?!

Ricky the Raptor: I don't know, but you sure don't want to be around to find out!

-- A christian kids production! Stay cool! --

From season 5, episode 9: Rapture's Delight (F.K.A Holy Crapture)

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P.S Thanks Indy. Ripped by me.


Luftritter said...

I want to kick that muppet so hard!

Rick said...

This is an episode of the old show "Dinosaurs" entitled "The Greatest Story Ever Sold". It's a surprisingly poignant and hilarious criticism of Religion. I remembered watching it when I was young and looked up this episode and it was actually better than I remembered.
The constant obvious mockery of Christianity in this early 90's children show makes me wonder how it was even on the air, but I'm glad it was. This actually might be one of the few sitcoms I let my children watch. After reviewing the show I realize how many serious issues it actually dealt with. It's weird to think that a sitcom about dinosaur people would actually have important things to say, but; to quote wikipedia:

"Topical issues featured in Dinosaurs include environmentalism, women's rights, sexual harassment, objectification of women, censorship, civil rights, body image, steroid use, allusions to masturbation (in the form of Robbie getting caught doing a mating dance by himself), drug abuse, racism, peer pressure, rights of indigenous peoples, corporate crime, government interference of parenting, and allusions to homosexuality and communism (in the guise of herbivorism)."

The allusions about these topics may not exactly be picked up by children(although I have to admit when I saw this episode at 6yrs of age it has some effect, I remembered it 16 years later) it's a pretty funny show even for adults. Hope you enjoy, I wish this could be posted on the main Video page so more people would see it.

Alex said...

Sounds like you're projecting, Rick. The episode you posted clearly had some satire on Christianity, but the broader topic was probably focused on mixing any religion and government; a theocracy (not that I'm defending Christianity or anything). The point wasn't so much that having a belief is bad in and of itself (it even seemed to say that a belief is good at the end, since it encouraged the exploration of asking where we come from/creation/purpose) but that you shouldn't believe because someone else tells you to. All in all, still a great show that I'll always remember loving, but I think you're reading atheism into where it is not. Just saying.

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