Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Life: The Science of Biology, 7th Edition - W. Purves, D. Sadava, G. Orians, C. Heller

Authoritative, thorough, and engaging, Life: The Science of Biology achieves an optimal balance of scholarship and teachability, never losing sight of either the science or the student. The first introductory text to present biological concepts through the research that revealed them, Life covers the full range of topics with an integrated experimental focus that flows naturally from the narrative. This approach helps to bring the drama of classic and cutting-edge research to the classroom—but always in the context of reinforcing core ideas and the innovative scientific thinking behind them. Students will experience biology not just as a litany of facts or a highlight reel of experiments, but as a rich, coherent discipline. Amazon

Sample pages (click to enlarge):

File size: 39 MB
Format: pdf


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Mattia Paoli said...

Thank you :)

ALBERT K. said...

I used this book in college...

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