Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Shock Doctrine - Naomi Klein (Audiobook + E-book)

"Impassioned, hugely informative, wonderfully controversial, and scary as hell"
John Le Carré

Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine advances a truly unnerving argument: historically, while people were reeling from natural disasters, wars and economic upheavals, savvy politicians and industry leaders nefariously implemented policies that would never have passed during less muddled times. As Klein demonstrates, this reprehensible game of bait-and-switch isn't just some relic from the bad old days. It's alive and well in contemporary society, and coming soon to a disaster area near you.

"At the most chaotic juncture in Iraq" civil war, a new law is unveiled that will allow Shell and BP to claim the country's vast oil reserves… Immediately following September 11, the Bush Administration quietly outsources the running of the 'War on Terror' to Halliburton and Blackwater… After a tsunami wipes out the coasts of Southeast Asia, the pristine beaches are auctioned off to tourist resorts… New Orleans residents, scattered from Hurricane Katrina, discover that their public housing, hospitals and schools will never be re-opened." Klein not only kicks butt, she names names, notably economist Milton Friedman and his radical Chicago School of the 1950s and 60s which she notes "produced many of the leading neo-conservative and neo-liberal thinkers whose influence is still profound in Washington today." Stand up and take a bow, Donald Rumsfeld. Amazon

[E-book - epub/mobi/pdf - 10MB]

[Audiobook - MP3, 127 kbps - 496 MB]

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The Age of American Unreason - Susan Jacoby

Identifying herself as a "cultural conservationist" (but by no means a cultural conservative), Jacoby laments the decline of middlebrow American culture and presents a cogent defense of intellectualism. America, she believes, faces a "crisis of memory and knowledge," in which anti-intellectualism is not only tolerated but celebrated by those in politics and the media to whom we are all "just folks." The Internet, for all its promise, is too often "a highway to the far-flung regions of junk thought." Meanwhile, twenty-five per cent of high-school biology teachers believe that human beings and dinosaurs shared the earth, and more than a third of Americans can’t name a single First Amendment right. In such an environment, Jacoby argues, the secular left and the religious right can have no fruitful dialogue on issues like the separation of church and state. She offers little hope that the situation will improve, opining that, despite increasing levels of education, "Americans seem to know less and less." The New Yorker

[Audiobook version]

File Size: 7 MB
Format: epub/mobi/pdf

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The Joy of Science - Charles Darwin and The Theory of Natural Selection

"Evolution is an observational fact."

One of Robert M. Hazen's scientific lectures produced for The Teaching Company. This short lecture brings a satisfying look to the theory of evolution and Darwin.

File Name ..........: The.Joy.Of.Science.-.TTC.-.L57.-.Charles.Darwin.and.the.Theory.of.Natural.Selection.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 274,80 MB
Video Length .......: 00:30:51
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Resolution .........: 512 x 384
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Channels ...........: 2 Ch
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Cat Is A Christian

Of course she is Edward Current's pet!

The Voyage of Charles Darwin (1978)

This old BBC mini series dramatize Darwin's life and his Beagle voyage. It's a VHS rip, so don't expect amazing quality but worth to watch.

File size: 1.39 GB

Darwin's Secret Notebooks

After first Galapagos journey, Darwin wrote down his ideas in a series of notebooks which their content were kept hidden for years. Evolutionary biologist Armand Marie Leroi (What Darwin Didn't Know) reopens Darwin's journals to retrace his adventure and to piece together the true story behind one of the most revolutionary scientific breakthrough of all time.

File Name ..........:
Total Size (MB) ....: 699,85 MB
Video Length .......: 00:49:44
Resolution .........: 720 x 400

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michael Shermer Lecture: Why Darwin Matters

Michael Shermer's lecture at the University of California. He discusses the ideas in his same named book Why Darwin Matters.

You can download the video in HQ.

Found on

File Size: 139 MB


The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee: Evolution and Human Life - Jared Diamond

More than 98 percent of human genes are shared with two species of chimpanzee. The 'third' chimpanzee is man. Jared Diamond surveys out life-cycle, culture, sexuality and destructive urges both towards ourselves and the planet to explore the ways in which we are uniquely human yet still influenced by our animal origins. Amazon

File Size: 3.44 MB
Format: pdf/epub/mobi

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James Randi Video Packs

Here are 41 James Randi Foundation videos from their Youtube channel.

I downloaded the high quality versions, if available.

Also they are saved against any possible suspension case with this method.

File size: 1.22 GB

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BBC Horizon - Nice Guys Finish First by Richard Dawkins (1987)

In this BBC program Richard Dawkins explains how selfish genes can give rise to cooperative altruistic behaviour that was discussed in his book The Selfish Gene. To simulate the evolution of cooperation, he uses a computer program that called Tit for Tat (a game theory for the prisoner's dilemma).

File Name ..........: BBC.Horizon-Nice.Guys.Finish.First.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 687,73 MB
Video Length .......: 00:45:54

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BBC - The Darwin Debate

A group of scientists are discussing that what the theory of evolution tells about ourselves. The panelists are Prof. Steven Pinker, psychologist from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Prof. Meredith Small, anthropologist from Cornell University; Prof. Steve Jones, biologist from University College of London and Sir Jonathan Miller, neurologist.

File Name ..........: BBC.The.Darwin.Debate.DVB.DivX.MP3.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 700,13 MB
Video Length .......: 00:47:36
Resolution .........: 688 x 496

Monday, April 20, 2009

All Donations are Welcome


How can I thank everyone enough for your amazing support in a short time? At first I have some doubt on this, but now the help from all over the world changed my mind. Even the small quantities that you sent boosted my willingness and confidence.

I feel better and I have more desire to continue my case.

Now, my PayPal account is ready, as you see. (Look at the right column of the blog.)

Just keep in mind that whenever you want, you can support your blog. You are not limited to time or amount.

Thank you again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Would Jesus NOT Do?

The angels are discussing big gaps in the almighty Lord's words!

Found on

Family Guy - Jesus Christ!

Jesus strikes back!

The clip from the episode called "Blind Ambition".

Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible - Bart D. Ehrman (Audiobook + E-book)

Picking up where Bible expert Bart Ehrman’s New York Times bestseller Misquoting Jesus left off, Jesus, Interrupted addresses the larger issue of what the New Testament actually teaches—and it’s not what most people think. Ehrman reveals what scholars have unearthed. Amazon

[E-book - pdf/epub/mobi - 2 MB]

[Audiobook - MP3, 128 kbps/Unabridged - 696 MB]

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why - Bart D. Ehrman (Audiobook + E-book)

When world-class Biblical scholar Bart Ehrman first began to study the texts of the Bible in their original languages he was startled to discover the multitude of mistakes and intentional alterations that had been made by earlier translators. In Misquoting Jesus, Ehrman tells the story behind the mistakes and changes that ancient scribes made to the New Testament and shows the great impact the had upon the Bible we use today. He frames his account with personal reflections on how his study of the Greek manuscripts made him abandon his once ultraconservative views of the Bible. From the back cover

[E-book - pdf - 3 MB]

[Audiobook - MP3, 128 kbps - 502 MB]

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Damn Atheists!

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The Miracle of Theism: Arguments For and Against the Existence of God - J. L. Mackie

J. L. Mackie analyses the problems on the idea of God from atheistic view and puts forward the ontological, cosmological and moral arguments of Descartes, Kant, Hume, Newman etc.

File Size: 1.12 MB
Format: pdf

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God, the Universe, & Everything Else - Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan, Arthur C. Clarke

This unique show brings together three giants of science Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and Arthur C. Clarke. Interesting subjects from the Big Bang to black holes, shiny questions and also Arthur C. Clarke's Mandelbrot set demonstration turn the meeting into an orgasmic experience.

File Name ..........: God.The.Universe.And.Everything.Else.Xvid.AC3.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 744,24 MB
Video Length .......: 00:52:11


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The Mark Steel Lectures - Charles Darwin

The Mark Steel Lectures focus on historical persons such as Albert Einstein, Karl Marx, Leonardo Da Vinci. In this episode, British author Mark Steel argues on the people who misinterprets the theory of evolution and the struggles in Charles Darwin's life. Broadcasted on 4 November 2003, BBC Four.

File Name ..........:
Total Size (MB) ....: 373,50 MB
Video Length .......: 00:29:05
Resolution .........: 688 x 384

God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything - Christopher Hitchens (Audiobook)

Hitchens, who once described Mother Teresa as "a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud," is notorious for making mincemeat out of sacred cows, but in this book it is the sacred itself that is skewered. Religion, Hitchens writes, is "violent, irrational, intolerant, allied to racism and tribalism and bigotry, invested in ignorance and hostile to free inquiry, contemptuous of women and coercive toward children." Channeling the anti-supernatural spirits of other acolytes of the "new atheism," Hitchens argues that religion is "man-made" and murderous, originating in fear and sustained by brute force. Like Richard Dawkins, he denounces the religious education of young people as child abuse. Like Sam Harris, he fires away at the Koran as well as the Bible. And like Daniel Dennett, he views faith as wish-fulfillment. The Washington Post

E-book version: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything - Christopher Hitchens

File Size: 422 MB

The file has been removed due to a request by the copyright holder

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Religion Explained - Pascal Boyer

Cognitive anthropologist Boyer does not shrink from the task of explaining "the full history of all religion (ever)" in this engaging but somewhat oversold synopsis of anthropological findings, purporting to show how "the intractable mystery that was religion is now just another set of difficult but manageable problems." Boyer eloquently critiques mainstream academic treatments of religion that, in his view, distort the facts by imposing a single explanatory theory on a complex assortment of religious phenomena. At the same time, he argues that the variety of human religious concepts is not infinite, suggesting an underlying pattern in the way certain kinds of religious concepts engage the mind by "successful activation of a whole variety of mental systems." These patterns increase the probability that such concepts will be remembered and transmitted. Besides the religious concepts' appeal in stimulating individual minds, Boyer's account sees no deeper function or significance in them, a stance he realizes will leave most religious believers nonplussed. "People who think that we have religion because religion is true... will find little here to support their views and in fact no discussion of these views," he cautions. Boyer's strategy of explaining religion in terms of mundane, everyday thought processes puts him at odds with recent neuropsychological studies that identify "special" cognitive structures or events associated with religious experience. Ultimately, it may be Boyer's criticism of the mere concept of "religious experience" that makes this book such a fascinating exercise in devil's advocacy. Publishers Weekly

File Size: 3 MB
Format: pdf/epub/mobi

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Real Time With Bill Maher (2009.03.27)

"Theocracy plus nuclear weaponry is a terrifying threat." Christopher Hitchens

The 147th episode of Bill Maher's popular talk show. The guests are Christopher Hitchens, author; Salman Rushdie, novelist; Bill Bradley, former US Senator and Mos Def, actor/artist.

File Name ..........: Real.Time.With.Bill.Maher.2009.03.27.HDTV.XviD-iHT.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 550,24 MB
Video Length .......: 00:57:05
Video Codec Code ...: XVID
Video Codec Name ...: XviD MPEG-4 codec
Resolution .........: 624 x 352
Framerate ..........: 29,970 FPS
Audio Bitrate ......: 128 KB/s (CBR)
Channels ...........: 2 Ch
Sampling Rate ......: 48000 Hz


Alice in Chains - God Am

So lord, I see you grinning
Must be grand always winning
How proud are you being able
To gather faith from fable

Can I be as my God am
Can you be as God am
Can I be as my God am
God of all my God am
God am
My God am
God am

All the respect I'm giving
Shared strength acquired by living
All blooming life you're feeding
Can't hide sick ones you're weeding.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Path of Reason: A Philosophy of Nonbelief - Bruce A. Smith

Smith, a business analyst at a computer software firm who was once a conservative Christian, seeks to eliminate misconceptions about atheism and skepticism by examining faith and reason, the two means by which we evaluate our world. Writing for those who are confused by media representations and culture wars about philosophy and religion, Smith explains his personal path to atheism and skepticism as he describes the collision of faith and reason, the application of reason to such ideas as the soul, God, and meaning, critical thinking, including its fallacies, and specific precepts of skepticism. He then explains Christianity as he perceives it, analyzing such ideas as heaven and hell, the ten commandments, sex and violence, Jesus in the books of Matthew and John, the end times, prophecy and religious history, and the facts of life of a committed atheist. Reference & Research Book News

File Size: 1.14 MB
Format: pdf

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

James Randi - Why Do We Still Believe

At last, James Randi's Youtube account is back. You can listen his explanation here.

This is the latest Randi video before the suspension.

Did Darwin Kill God?

Conor Cunningham, who believes in that Darwin's theory of evolution does not require absence of a creator, interviews with believers and evolutionists who are called as ultra-Darwinists (?) by him. He mentions theory of meme and Richard Dawkins' "Selfish Gene" in some parts of the program, however he never meets Dawkins, even though he speaks with Dan Dennett. Actually I see Cunningham's reason very well! Broadcasted on 31 Mar 2009, BBC 2.

File Name ..........: Did.Darwin.Kill.God.WS.PDTV.XviD-REMAX.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 699,97 MB
Video Length .......: 00:59:08

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Mind's I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self & Soul - Daniel C. Dennett & Douglas R. Hofstadter

The Mind's I, edited by Douglas R. Hofstadter and Daniel C. Dennett, is a collection of essential writings on cognitive philosophy and consciousness. A bunch of renowned contributors try to answer these questions: "who am I?", "what is the self?", "what is the mind?". It was a nice discover for me to encounter with Richard Dawkins' article, "Selfish Genes and Selfish Memes" inside this book.

File Size: 4,78 MB
Format: pdf

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The Satanic Verses Affair

Twenty years ago, novelist Salman Rushdie was a wanted man with a million pound bounty on his head. His novel, The Satanic Verses, had sparked riots across the Muslim world. The ailing religious leader of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini, had invoked a little-known religious opinion - a fatwa - and effectively sentenced Rushdie to death. Never before had a novel created an international diplomatic crisis on such a scale, and never before had a foreign Government publicly called for the killing of a private citizen of another country.

This film looks back on the extraordinary events which followed the publication of the book and the ten year campaign to get the fatwa lifted. Interviews with Rushdie's friends and family and testimony from leaders of Britain's Muslim community and the Government reveal the inside story of the affair. Rushdie himself was forced into hiding for nearly ten years. Arguably this was the moment when religious identities, in Britain and abroad, became more important than ethnic and cultural belonging.

Broadcasted on 7 March 2009, BBC 2.

File Name ..........: The.Satanic.Verses.Affair.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 799,91 MB
Video Length .......: 01:30:00

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Family Guy - Not All Dogs Go to Heaven

In this new Family Guy episode, Meg becomes a religious wacko after watching Kirk Cameron on a religious channel and when she tries to convert Brian, he explains that he is an atheist in front of everyone and everything gets worse for him. The clip from Season 7, Episode 11. Broadcasted on March 29, 2009.


Open-mindedness lesson for close-mindeds who have strong beliefs in psedoscientific/supernatural ideas.

NOVA - Origins: Back to the Beginning (Episode 4)

"We are all stardust"

Did universe have a beginning? How was the early universe? Is the universe eternal? The episode four, goes back to the Big Bang, and shows us how cosmologists reveal the mysteries of the universe and the reconstruction of the universe with WMAP.

Other Episodes:
NOVA - Origins: Where are the Aliens? - 3 of 4
NOVA - Origins: How Life Began - 2 of 4
NOVA - Origins: Earth is Born - 1 of 4
File Name ..........: NOVA.Origins.Part.4.Back.To.The.Beginning.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 350,23 MB
Video Length .......: 00:49:45


NOVA - Origins: Where are the Aliens? (Episode 3)

In this possibly most insteresting episode of the series, Neil deGrasse Tyson meets Frank Drake to understand his famous equtation that quantifies the numbers of other advanced civilizations in our galaxy. Also we'll see why alien models in movies don't work biologically.

Other Episodes:
NOVA - Origins: Back to the Beginning - 4 of 4
NOVA - Origins: How Life Began - 2 of 4
NOVA - Origins: Earth is Born - 1 of 4

File Name ..........: NOVA.Origins.Part.3.Where.Are.The.Aliens.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 350,19 MB
Video Length .......: 00:49:41


NOVA - Origins: How Life Began (Episode 2)

How can life emerge in a so hostile planet? Neil deGrasse Tyson investigates the microorganisms inside the rocks to find out the signatures of first life on the Earth.

Other Episodes:
NOVA - Origins: Back to the Beginning - 4 of 4
NOVA - Origins: Where are the Aliens? - 3 of 4

NOVA - Origins: Earth is Born - 1 of 4

File Name ..........: NOVA.Origins.Part.2.How.Life.Began.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 350,24 MB
Video Length .......: 00:48:36


NOVA - Origins: Earth is Born (Episode 1)

The four-part series, Origins, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, go back to the very beginning of everything, and ask the ultimate questions in the light of scientific discoveries: has the universe always existed, how did life begin on Earth, are we alone in the universe?

In the first episode you will witness the birth of the Earth and learn the latest proofs on how water and oxygen appeared in the earlier period of our planet.

Other Episodes:
NOVA - Origins: Back to the Beginning - 4 of 4
NOVA - Origins: Where are the Aliens? - 3 of 4
NOVA - Origins: How Life Began - 2 of 4

File Name ..........: NOVA.Origins.Part.1.Earth.Is.Born.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 350,22 MB
Video Length .......: 00:48:01


BBC Horizon - Homeopathy: The Test

"Unusual claims require unusually good proof." James Randi

A 200-year-old practice, homeopathy, is used by millions of people including politicians and pop stars. Footballer David Beckham benefited from homeopathic treatments and the Royals have been keen users of homeopathy since the days of Queen Victoria.

Horizon which brings a team of scientists together, joins the $1m challenge of James Randi to test the claims of homeopaths. Broadcasted on 26 November 2002, BBC 2.

File Name ..........: BBC.Horizon-Homeopathy.The.Test-2002.avi
Total Size (MB) ....: 699,70 MB
Video Length .......: 00:43:44
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