Friday, June 26, 2009

BBC - Panorama: Scientology and Me (2007)

The episode that received the highest ratings for Panorama series in 2007, attracted attention with the scene that John Sweeney lost his control and shouted because of he was interfered by Scientologist Tommy Davis during filming. When the reporter John Sweeney investigated the Church of Scientology, he was spied on and chased by some unidentified people. Despite of these difficulties John Sweeney went on his research and interviewed with some Scientology celebrities Anne Archer, Kirstie Alley, Juliette Lewis and Leah Remini.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buñuel: Atheist Thanks to God (2005)

"If someone could prove God's luminous existence to me right now it would have no effect whatsoever upon my behavior. I cannot believe that God watches me at all times that he's interested in my health, my desires, my mistakes. I cannot believe, and in any case I do not accept that he could punish me for all eternity. What am I to him? Nothing. A shadow of mud. My passage on this earth is so brief that I leave no traces. I am a poor mortal. I am of no consequence in either space or time. God has no interest in us. And if he exists, it's as if he didn't."

A documentary on surreal film maker Luis Buñuel and his political and religious allegory, The Milky Way (La voie lactée).

Buñuel loves to target religion in his movies, he satirizes and exaggerates it with subtle images, such as in The Discreet Charm Of The Bourgeoisie (Le charme discret de la bourgeoisie).

The Milky Way is a good example to that kind of critical language.

However we should ask this question: Is Buñuel really an atheist?

Maybe. Maybe not in terms of usual atheism. He obsessively appreciates the mysteries within Christianity, for example adores the image of Virgin Mary, but he denies the existence of God, and portrays Jesus as an ordinary man whose miraculous powers were suspicious.

He is a modern heretic, and totally against dogma.

I also may upload The Milky Way in near future.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

BBC - Panorama: Sex Crimes and the Vatican (2006)

Father Oliver O'Grady, a former Catholic priest, abused at least 30 boys and girls. Father Sean Fortune involved in the biggest child abuse case in Ireland. He molested a 14 year old boy. All these scandals and more have been sheltered by the instruction of the Vatican. The decree of the Vatican has been used to evade prosecution for sex crimes. BBC Panorama investigates this secret document.

You can also download the version with Italian hard subtitles.

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Also watch: Deliver Us from Evil

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West (2005)

Paris, Spain, Russia, Kenya, Thailand, Turkey... All world is suffering from religious hatred. This documentary, propaganda or not, reveals the true face of the radical Islam using footage from Arab Television, Memri TV and shows how religion can be used as a dangerous weapon on the masses.

Also watch: God's Warriors

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest-Growing Faith - Robert Spencer

To proclamations that Islam is a religion of peace, Spencer responds (in chapters entitled with questions such as "Is Islam Compatible with Liberal Democracy?" and "Is Islam Tolerant of Non-Muslims?") with evidence, historical and recent, of harsh treatment of women, other religionists, and social minorities in Islamic societies. Besides the facts Spencer presents, his citations of the Qur'an; the hadiths, or sayings and deeds of Muhammad; and Islamic authorities across the liberal-to-fundamentalist spectrum verify attitudes and practices that secular Westerners and present-day Jews and Christians don't think of as peaceable, just, or decent. For instance, slavery and polygamy may be waning in Islamic societies, but they aren't disapproved of or banned because the Qur'an and hadiths endorse them. Islam hasn't adapted to change nearly as much as Judaism and Christianity have, and that accounts for its savage relations with the West. Spencer doesn't see either Islam moderating or the West regarding Islam realistically any time soon. Barring "some wondrous intervention from the Merciful One," he concludes, the immediate future "will be difficult." Alarmingly cogent. Ray Olson

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Letters from the Earth - Mark Twain

Mark Twain's collected essays and short stories in Letters From the Earth never published until 1965 due to they were blasphemy for some.

The book consists of two parts: first section gathers Mark Twain's plays on Biblical themes dealing with God and Christianity, and second section contains his unpublished manuscripts.

From the book:
"He [man] thinks he is the Creator's pet. He believes the Creator is proud of him; he even believes the Creator loves him; has a passion for him; sits up nights to admire him; yes, and watch over him and keep him out of trouble. He prays to Him, and thinks He listens. Isn't it a quaint idea? Fills his prayers with crude and bald and florid flatteries of Him, and thinks He sits and purrs over these extravagancies and enjoys them. He prays for help, and favor, and protection, every day; and does it with hopefulness and confidence, too, although no prayer of his has ever been answered. The daily affront, the daily defeat, do not discourage him, he goes on praying just the same. There is something almost fine about this perseverance. I must put one more strain upon you: he thinks he is going to heaven!"

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Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science - Robert L. Park

"If a tree falls on a a scientist in a forest with no one else around does it mean he won't make a sound? Not if that scientist is the indomitable Bob Park, the skeptic's skeptic, the Ralph Nader of nonsense, the man who rose from the (nearly) dead to pen this uncompromising critique of superstition and the beliefs that follow once you abandon science and reason. Read this book. Now."
Michael Shermer

Science is the only way of knowing—everything else is just superstition, says physicist Park (Voodoo Science) in this thinly argued rehash of the debate between science and religion. Among other questions, Park revisits experiments regarding the healing power of intercessory prayer (prayer for the healing of others), citing several studies that he claims are meaningless because it is impossible to measure prayer. Further, he says, only science, not prayer, con protect us from so-called acts of God, like a tsunami. Park argues against the existence of the soul by debunking a tale of reincarnation and even interprets the Bible to his own purposes. But this chapter also shows how disjointed his arguments can be, as he jumps from the Plan B contraceptive to genes and memes to stem cells and ghosts. Such issues have been covered more eloquently and in greater depth by thinkers like Daniel Dennett in Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon. Publishers Weekly

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

No Gods, No Guilt - Stephen Frederick (Audiobook)

Stephen Frederick Uhl, Ph.D, yesterday's Catholic priest today's atheist psychologist, describes his journey through agnosticism to atheism. He guides you to come out with the ten commandments for the 21st century and suggests how to get free your prejudices and myths.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Holy Gospel of the Easter Bunny

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Success Award Winner Cartoon by Angel Boligán CORBO

A success award winning work in Aydin Dogan International Caricature Competition 2009 by Cuban cartoonist Angel Boligán CORBO.

Marjoe (1972)


Marjoe, also Christopher Hitchens mentions the movie and him in God is not Great, is a story of a child preacher and ordained minister whose parents make a large of sums money benefiting from his success. In this documentary he confesses how he manipulated and deceived the people just using his--earthly-- talent and most importantly shows behind the curtains and how people are easily deceived by faith healers.

Also watch: Jesus Camp (2006)

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

BBC - The Selfish Green (2005)

Our world is threatened by an environmental catastrophe and crippled by our own greed. Are we really too selfish to save it?

In The Selfish Green, the brilliant scientists Sir David Attenborough, Professor Richard Dawkins, Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Richard Leakey come together to debate these issues.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pagan Christianity?: Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices - Frank Viola (Audiobook + E-book)

As the title says, coauthors Frank Viola and George Barna provide a historical data to reveal what the Christian practices are based on.

Also watch: The Pagan Christ

[E-book - 2.63 MB]

[Audiobook - 214 MB]

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Darwin and Evolution - Michael Ghiselin (Audiobook)

In 1859, Charles Darwin published a vastly important work, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. For centuries, man had been seen as a created species, distinct from any other animal. Then, Darwin persuasively argued that mankind and other species are descended from common ancestors. His theory of "natural selection", also known as "survival of the fittest", explains how life evolved through natural processes. By the 1950s, most scientists accepted the theory. However, it upset many who believed that life was created by a supernatural God, a debate which is perpetuated today.

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Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

Definition of marriage according to the Bible by America's Best Christian!

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jephthah (Judges 11)

Is It God's Word? - Joseph Wheless

Is the Bible the word of God? This classic of atheistic literature has the answer, and it's a loud and profound no! American writer Joseph Whless employs all the tools of the logician, from the self-evidence of reason to the words of the very proponents of the attitudes he strives to dismiss, to condemn Christianity as nonsense. This is a highly provocative work, one that should be explored by believers and doubters alike. Amazon

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