Thursday, July 30, 2009

Visualization of Chimp and Human DNA

We know that humans and chimps are 96 percent genetically the same. This simulation visualizes the similarity and dissimilarity of DNA sequences. (I highly recommend to watch it in high quality, it is a little bit easier to see the comparison of DNA sequences.)

Also watch: Molecular Visualizations of DNA

BBC - The Story of God (3 of 3) The God of the Gaps

The last episode is focusing on the struggle between science and religion.

Galileo Galilei discovered that his observations contradicted the Bible and in the middle of 19 century Darwin pushed back the God with his theory of evolution.

Robert Winston meets Richard Dawkins and Dean Hamer who claimed that he found God gene (VMAT2).

Then he visits a creationist museum and debates the creationist Ken Ham in a radio show (I think the most interesting part of the episode).

The episode ends at the CERN laboratory.

Other Episodes: [1] - [2]

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BBC - The Story of God (2 of 3) No God but God

In the second episode, Lord Winston makes a journey to the tomb of Abraham where keeps the followers of the two faith apart. He searches the golden calf myth, the God's first massacre to Book of Exodus. Later he goes down the pagan side beneath modern Rome and joins Shi'a Muslims' brutal remembrance ceremonies for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain.

Other Episodes: [1] - [3]

File Name ..........: BBC.The.Story.of.God.2of3.No.God.but.God.TVcap.XviD.UKNova.avi
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BBC - The Story of God (1 of 3) Life, the Universe and Everything

Three-part video series presented by the physician Professor Robert Winston explores the nature of our believes, the understanding of God in different times and different cultures, what it means to be a human.

He begins his search in the depths of the caverns in south-west France. The mysterious hand prints on the cave walls establish a connection between the supernatural powers inside the rocks.

Then he visits Teotihuacan, one of the largest ancient cities in the world. In the great temple human sacrifice practiced by the Aztec priests once upon a time.

He meets a Buddhist priest to understand Buddhism its teachings are similar atheism.

The last stop in this episode is Iran, the birth place of Zoroastrianism that is possibly the source of monotheistic religions.

Other Episodes: [2] - [3]

File Name ..........: BBC.The.Story.of.God.1of3.Life.the.Universe.and.Everything.TVcap.XviD.UKNova.avi
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

God Trumps Pack

God Trumps is a funny and wicked game produced by New Humanist Magazine and devised by Christina Martin. It's freely delivered to new subscribers.

I added the all 24 cards in 1 pack. Enjoy!

File Size: 0.98 MB

Fighting for Peace is Like Fucking for Virginity [Poster]

Another free work. Translation by me.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Believe in Material [Poster]

The image comes from a free image bank of an underground community. I translated it into English.

Use and share it!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Darwin Loves You: Natural Selection and the Re-enchantment of the World - George Levine

"Levine again and again shows how evolutionary science can allow one to view the world with awe and reverence."
—Robert Pennock, American Scientist

Although the bumper-sticker title seems glib, Levine's book is most assuredly not. It will be a difficult read for nonphilosophers, even though Levine, professor emeritus of English at Rutgers, raises noteworthy points. His main premise is that a close reading of Darwin disproves Max Weber's contention that a "rational scientific" outlook "expels meaning and value from the world." Levine argues persuasively that an understanding of Darwinism can lead to a secular enchantment of the sort experienced by Darwin himself as he worked to make sense of the world around him: "an attitude of awe and love toward the multiple forms of life" in all their extraordinary diversity. Enchantment of this type, Levine explains, is no less important or meaningful than enchantment arising from religion. Levine also offers a textual analysis of Darwin to demonstrate that much writing that claims to derive from Darwin, especially within the realm of politics, does not necessarily follow from his original intent. With polemicists from all portions of the political spectrum attempting to use Darwin to their own advantage, Levine offers a fair warning to readers to be wary of the political extrapolation, because scientific theories themselves have no political content. Publishers Weekly

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The Theory of Evolution in 2 Minutes

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Abraham and Isaac

God tests Abraham or what?

Also watch: The Sign for Unbelievers: "There is No God."

Atheism for a Better World

Statistically, the world without religion.

BBC - Noah's Ark: The Real Story

"A great flood would leave a signature. It would be a very very large signature apparent all over the world. There is no such signature. There's no evidence, in fact there is only overwhelming evidence to the contrary." Ian Plimer, Geologist

According to the Bible, a global flood occurred about 5000 years ago and after the catastrophe, Noah and his family landed in the Mountains of Ararat. Geologically --and logically--, is it possible to believe such a story?

Archaeological datas show that the deluge is a different version of Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh and the king in the story who survived the flood was turned into Noah by the Jewish priests.

This is the true story of a famous epic found in the Bible, the Koran and the Torah.

File Name ..........: Noah.and.the.Great.Flood.2003.DVDRip.Dual-Audio.XviD.avi
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Circumcision

Circumcision is practiced since ancient times. Today this religious tradition is carried by Jews and Muslims. Also it is performing on new born babies especially in the US hospitals due to health advantages.

Anti-circumcision advocates think that it is a sex crime, and performing such a brutal operation on babies is against the human rights and there are lots of irreversible disadvantages.

Moreover it is claimed that that's a $400 million dollar industry.

To me, it is a total butchery!

I warn you! If you have the guts watch this episode. Because I fainted before the first 15 minutes.
Further reading on the topic: The Case Against Circumcision

File size: 244 MB

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quantum Leaps in the Wrong Direction: Where Real Science Ends...and Pseudoscience Begins - Charles M. Wynn & Arthur W. Wiggins

"Here we have, in their book, a clearer look at the misconceptions and outright deceptions that plague us. Lots of sunlight, and a dash of disinfectant!"
—James Randi, aka The Amazing Randi

In this lightweight little book, Wynn, a professor of chemistry, and Wiggins, a professor of physics, follow up their Five Biggest Ideas in Science with what might be called The Five Biggest Ideas in Pseudoscience: UFOs and aliens, out-of-body experiences, astrology, creationism, and ESP. Into this mix they throw every suspect (usually money-making) pseudoscience they can think of. Their inclusion of graphology might be questioned, since it has long held a higher reputation in Europe than in the U.S., and the matter of Holocaust deniers is better dealt with elsewhere. The chapter on creationism is unlikely to change the opinions of many believers, and an ill-considered section on life after death may cause some readers to set the book aside. Angels fear to tread into discussions of the immortality of the soul, and these authors should have too. Wynn and Wiggins apparently were aiming for a serious discussion leavened with humor, but their approach seems incoherent. Sidney Harris, well known for his work in the New Yorker, has contributed cartoons, but they are rather hit-and-miss and just add to the uneven tone of the book. The authors make some interesting points (Noah's ark, if built to the dimensions given in the Bible, wouldn't have been seaworthy), but it's doubtful that readers who believe in astrology, ESP or UFOs will pick this book up to begin with, let alone be convinced by the authors' arguments. Forecast: It won't be long before this title takes a quantum leap into the remainder bins. Publishers Weekly

Also read: Why People Believe Weird Things - Michael Shermer

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

BBC Horizon - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

"The 1981 Feynman Horizon is the best science programme I have ever seen. This is not just my opinion - it is also the opinion of many of the best scientists that I know who have seen the programme... It should be mandatory viewing for all students whether they be science or arts students."
—Professor Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize for Chemistry

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out contains the full review of Richard Feynman that I posted some part of it here before.

File Name ..........: BBC.Horizon.The.Pleasure.of.finding.Things.out.DivX.mp3.VHS.Hanke.avi
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A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - Karen Armstrong

This searching, profound comparative history of the three major monotheistic faiths fearlessly illuminates the sociopolitical ground in which religious ideas take root, blossom and mutate. Armstrong, a British broadcaster, commentator on religious affairs and former Roman Catholic nun, argues that Judaism, Christianity and Islam each developed the idea of a personal God, which has helped believers to mature as full human beings. Yet Armstrong also acknowledges that the idea of a personal God can be dangerous, encouraging us to judge, condemn and marginalize others. Recognizing this, each of the three monotheisms, in their different ways, developed a mystical tradition grounded in a realization that our human idea of God is merely a symbol of an ineffable reality. To Armstrong, modern, aggressively righteous fundamentalists of all three faiths represent "a retreat from God." She views as inevitable a move away from the idea of a personal God who behaves like a larger version of ourselves, and welcomes the grouping of believers toward a notion of God that "works for us in the empirical age." Publishers Weekly

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A History of God (2001)

Based on the best-selling book by Karen Armstrong, A History of God descents into the ancient roots of Abrahamic religions and analyses today's three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Also watch: The History of the Devil

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Michael Shermer vs. Dinesh D'Souza

Michael Shermer and Dinesh D'Souze come together once again to challenge on atheism and religion. Is religion a force for good or evil? Did Christianity give us our moral values? Is science a faith?

Who will win the debate? Reason or demagogy?

Took place in Nashville, on March 2008

PS Thanks to RV

File Name ..........: Michael.Shermer.v.Dinesh.DSouza.2008.avi
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Losing My Religion: How I Lost My Faith Reporting on Religion in America-and Found Unexpected Peace - William Lobdell

Lobdell’s spiritual life had been a roller-coaster ride. During his late twenties, his marriage fell apart, he drank too much, and he cheated on his new—and pregnant—girlfriend. He was running away from responsibility as fast as he could. So when a friend told him he needed God—he suspended church attendance when a teenager—he listened. Slowly, things turned around. He secured a new job, marriage to his second wife went well, everything seemed to be falling into place. Attributing his newfound success to faith, he became a born-again Christian and, later, seriously considered converting to Catholicism. He became a full-time religion reporter for the Los Angeles Times, a job that exposed him to other faiths and to stories of abuse in mainstream religion circles, especially the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. Before long, he was wracked with doubt and stopped attending church altogether. “My long honeymoon with Christianity had ended.” Finally, he reached a turning point at which he concluded that there is no God. Lobdell’s spiritual journey fascinates, not least on account of the irony of his trajectory from agnosticism to belief to atheism while covering religion. It’s a story that may raise eyebrows among believers and nonbelievers alike. June Sawyers

File size: 2 MB
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Discovery - Alien Neighbors

 If we are not alone, who or what else out there? Is anybody listening? Is physical travel from one star system to another possible?

Our technology is not sufficient to detect any intelligent life form beyond hundred-millions light years. There are over 125 billion galaxies and we may never catch any sign.

If there is a life, how will it develop? Will the mechanics of evolution be similar on the Earth?

Astronomers and scientists like Richard Dawkins explain their arguments on extraterrestrials.

File Name ..........: Discovery.Alien.Neighbors.DivX.AC3.pb.avi
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Video Length .......: 00:52:12

Richard Feynman on Religion and Science

Famous physicist Richard Feynman argues that why it is ridiculous and irrational to choose the mystic answer that explains everything rather than science.

Watch the full program: BBC Horizon - The Pleasure of Finding Things Out

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Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution

Woo... Woo...
I'm ahead, I'm a man
I'm the first mammal to wear pants, yeah
I'm at peace with my lust
I can kill 'cause in God I trust, yeah
It's evolution, baby

I'm a piece of the man
Buying stocks on the day of the crash
On the loose, I'm a truck
All the rolling hills, I'll flatten 'em out, yeah
It's herd behavior, uh huh
It's evolution, baby

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my son, here's my clone
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
This land is mine, this land is free
I'll do what I want
yet irresponsibly
It's evolution, baby

I'm a thief, I'm a liar
There's my church, I sing in the choir:
(hallelujah hallelujah)

Admire me, admire my home
Admire my song, admire my clothes
Consider appetite for a nightly feasts
Those ignorant indians got nothin' on me
Nothin', why?
Because, it's evolution, baby!

I am ahead, I am advanced
I am the first mammal to make plans, yeah
I crawled the Earth, but now I'm higher
Twenty-ten, watch it go to fire
It's evolution, baby (2x)
I do the evolution
Come on, come on, come on

Thanks to 1Humano

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin (Audiobook + Ebooks in 4 Languages)

This time I present another audiobook version of The Origin of Species (read by David Case) with ebooks in different languages.

Other audibook version: On The Origin of Species - Charles Darwin (Edited and Read by Richard Dawkins)

Download [238 MB - English ebook included]:

Ebooks [English, Español (El origen de las especies), Français (L'Origine des espèces), Italiano (L'origine delle specie)]:

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Friday, July 3, 2009

The Sign for Unbelievers: "There is No God."

A parody from That Mitchell and Webb Look show.

Found on

Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Astrology

Question: What's one of the most stupid and popular things at the same time?

Answer: Yes, astrology!

Astrology was a tool for people in ancient times to understand and explain the universe, but today it is a big industry that is insulting human intelligence.

In this new episode, Bullshit! team is entering the world of astrologers and joining a class to test how horoscope results can be general.

File size: 243 MB

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to Critical Thinking

Brian Dunning, the author of Skeptoid, makes a general introduction to critical thinking and teaches how to identify pseudo-scientific claims.

This film has a free distribution licence to spread the voice of reason. It is also available here.

Complete Name: Here Be Dragons.m4v
File Size: 1.43 GiB
Duration: 41mn 9s


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe - Erik J. Wielenberg

Suppose there is no God. This supposition implies that human life is meaningless, that there are no moral obligations and hence people can do whatever they want, and that the notions of virtue and vice, right and wrong, and good and evil have no place in the universe. Erik J. Wielenberg believes this view to be utterly erroneous and, in this thought-provoking book, he explains the reasons why. He argues that, even if God does not exist, human life can still have meaning, humans do have moral obligations, and human virtue is still possible. Wielenberg offers readers a cognent explanation of the ethical implications of naturalism--a view that denies the existence of the supernatural in human life. In his view virtue exists in a godless universe but it is significantly different from virtue in a Christian universe, and he develops naturalistic accounts of humility, charity, and hope. The overarching theme of Virtue and Value in a Godless Universe is what ethics might look like without God. Erik Wielenberg takes readers on an extraordinary tour of some of the central landmarks of this under-explored territory. Amazon

File Size: 1.39 MB
Format: pdf

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Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Signs from Heaven

Crying or bleeding icons, Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich, Jesus on a bathroom door!.. What's wrong with religious people? Do they have a special gift to see holy figures on weird places? Or this is a sign from God to get rich on eBay?

Famous skeptics James Randi and Joe Nickell who is debunking the Shroud of Turin are the guests of this Bullshit! episode.

File size: 244 MB
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