Thursday, October 29, 2009

Richard Dawkins at Berkeley

Richard Dawkins reads some chapters from the Greatest Show on Earth and after a Q&A session begins. Took place at Berkeley, on October 7, 2009.

You can download the full session if you wish (01:19:08).

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mind Control Made Easy

What does this cult sound like? Well, let me think...

Constantine's Sword (2008)

"In an empire united under the Cross, Jews were now in danger. The Church fathers decided the Jews should wander in misery forever without a home. The Roman empire fell despite it embraced Christianity. The Western world descended into chaos that lasted for six centuries. Then the Pope cried "God wills it", calling for a crusade, a war of the Cross against Islam."

James Carroll, a former Catholic priest, looks at the bad side of Christianity from Constantine the Great to the U.S Air Force Academy.

I suppose James Carroll is still a theist, he claims that Christianity turned violent after Constantine, and the documentary is not about fighting against Christianity, but is a good source to see the bad influence of Catholicism through history and the indoctrination of the evangelist movement among the Air Force Academy today.

The most touching moment of the film is that Carroll reveals Edith Stein's letter for the first time. Edith Stein was a brilliant young Jewish philosopher who converted to Catholicism in 1922. She wrote a letter to Pope Pius XII for protection from the Nazis, but got no answer. That Pope was the one who called "Hitler's Cardinal".

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The Puppet and the Dwarf: The Perverse Core of Christianity (Short Circuits) - Slavoj Zizek

Slavoj Zizek has been called "an academic rock star" and "the wild man of theory"; his writing mixes astonishing erudition and references to pop culture in order to dissect current intellectual pieties. In The Puppet and the Dwarf he offers a close reading of today's religious constellation from the viewpoint of Lacanian psychoanalysis. He critically confronts both predominant versions of today's spirituality--New Age gnosticism and deconstructionist-Levinasian Judaism--and then tries to redeem the "materialist" kernel of Christianity. His reading of Christianity is explicitly political, discerning in the Pauline community of believers the first version of a revolutionary collective. Since today even advocates of Enlightenment like Jurgen Habermas acknowledge that a religious vision is needed to ground our ethical and political stance in a "postsecular" age, this book--with a stance that is clearly materialist and at the same time indebted to the core of the Christian legacy--is certain to stir controversy. Amazon

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality (Science Masters) - Jared Diamond

This book speculates on the evolutionary forces that shaped the unique aspects of human sexuality: female menopause, males' role in society, having sex in private, and--most unusual of all--having sex for fun instead of for procreation. Through comparative evolution, biologist and science author Diamond (Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies), poses credible and thought-provoking yet entertaining factors: the lengthy period of dependency of human infants, sex for pleasure as the tie that helps bind a mother and a father together, and menopause as an evolutionary advantage that, by ending the childbearing years, allows females to pass wisdom and knowledge on to society and succeeding generations. Library Journal

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Monkey Warfare (2006)

"I'm fascinated by the ones that reinforce the societies, Judeo-Christian military industrial values. These are the toys that indoctrinated a generation of children. Traffic and commerce are normalized, the aggression of our culture is made benign and acceptable. Technology will solve all our problems. Supreme Being blesses our actions."

A little independent gem which proves that you don't need a big budget to make a good movie. Two revolutionary room mates sell old junks for high prices on online auctions to live on. Luckily they reach success! After a cute weed dealer girl comes into their life, she digs out their past and a chain of events begins!

This movie is all about counter-culture, early 70's, records, books, bicycles and great music!

I think the clip from the movie is enough to tell what is it about:

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Richard Dawkins on Real Time with Bill Maher (2009.10.02)

Bill Maher: "How can we have the same brain?"

Richard Dawkins: "I'm sorry to say we don't have the same brain. I mean there is variation. One of the main principles of the Darwinian theory is plenty of variation for natural selection to work on and there is sure enough very plenty of variation in brain part. All the way from Einstein on the one hand, Sarah Palin at the other."

P.S I ripped only Dawkins part.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Family Guy - The Art of Michelangelo without God

From season 8, episode 1: Road to the Multiverse.

Also watch: Family Guy - If Christianity Never Existed

Family Guy - If Christianity Never Existed

Stewie uses a device to trip through alternate universes together with Brian. They visit our one of the alternate worlds where Christianity never existed.

Season 8, episode 1: Road to the Multiverse.

Also watch: Family Guy - The Art of Michelangelo without God

The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic? (Short Circuits) - Slavoj Zizek, John Milbank

In The Monstrosity of Christ, philosopher Zizek and "radical orthodox'' theologian Milbank go head to head for three rounds, employing an impressive arsenal of moves to advance their positions and press their respective advantages. By the closing bell, they have proven themselves worthy adversaries--and have also shown that faith and reason are not simply and intractably opposed.

Zizek has long been interested in the emancipatory potential offered by Christian theology. And Milbank, seeing global capitalism as the new century's greatest ethical challenge, has pushed his own ontology in more political and materialist directions. Their debate in The Monstrosity of Christ concerns nothing less than the future of religion, secularity, and political hope in light of a monsterful event—God becoming human. For the first time since Zizek's turn toward theology, we have a true debate between an atheist and a theologian about the very meaning of theology, Christ, the Church, the Holy Ghost, universality, and the foundations of logic. The result goes far beyond the popularized atheist/theist point/counterpoint of recent books by Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, and others. Amazon

However, things get even more complicated: God’s essential goodness itself is held against him. When Sunday [a novel character who represents God, he is good and evil at the same time], asked who he really is, answers that he is the God of Sabbath, of peace, one of the enraged detectives reproaches him: “it is exactly that that I cannot forgive you. I know you are contentment, optimism, what do they call the thing, an ultimate reconciliation. Well, I am not reconciled. If you were the man in the dark room, why were you also Sunday, an offense to the sunlight? If you were from the first our father and our friend, why were you also our greatest enemy? We wept, we fled in terror; the iron entered into our souls—and you are the peace of God! Oh, I can forgive God His anger, though it destroyed nations; but I cannot forgive Him His peace.”


Hegel is talking about something much more radical: the “unity of opposites” means that, in a self-reflexive short circuit, God falls into his own creation; that, like the proverbial snake, he in a way swallows / eats himself by his own tail. In short, the “unity of opposites” does not mean that God plays with himself the game of (self- )alienation, allowing evil opposition in order to overcome it and thus assert his moral strength, etc.; it means that “God” is a mask (a travesty) of “Devil,” that the difference between Good and Evil is internal to Evil.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Richard Dawkins on The Colbert Report (2009.09.30)

"I think, I argued elsewhere that anywhere in the Universe where there's life it will turn out to be Darwinian life. It is the only game in the Universe, not just on Earth."

I want that crocoduck tie!

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