Friday, January 15, 2010

Creation (2009)

Creation is a fascinating cinematic experience from start to finish, and it is hard to resist its captivating magic. Honestly, I was thinking that I would watch something like one of the ordinary biography documentaries, but I was totally wrong. The director Jon Amiel's nice touches and clever ideas create a subtle movie, make Darwin more human and more real. I sometimes laughed with joy and sometimes --I confess-- cried. Paul Bettany was brilliant in his role and Martha West was cute as Darwin's daughter Annie. The movie tells a short period of time, and mostly deals with the loss of Annie, and Darwin's personal dilemma before he published On the Origin of Species, but it's a rare opportunity to look from the eyes of a genius mind who "killed God".

A scene from Creation (Darwin vs Reverend Innes)
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Patrick Boehner said...


I have been wanting to see this for a long time, but I doubt that it will be in any area near me.

dw declare said...

i didn't realize thomas huxley was a dwarf. also at the end of the movie it says darwin was buried at (wait for it) westminister abbey? what's up with that?

other than that it was an alright movie. the story of the orangutan's death was moving and the part where darwin is tearing down the pigeon shed and his helper comes by and says "i'll have lewis dismantle it sir" was pretty funny.

Cezar said...

I Agree with the above comment, this movie is funny! Huxley was a bizarre little man (actor from Truman Capote movie...), boring, seems unreliable, and his life is a crusade against God! Furthermore Darwin seems to see ghosts ore the caracter John Nash... schizophrenic!

I hated this movie!

dw declare said...

"i thought the character of Huxley was horrible portrayed, making him into a sort of malignant dwarf character" - Richard Dawkins on Newsnight Review 9-11-2009

Anonymous said...

The movie really touched me a lot and it not only depicts the struggle but also shares the complexity of the relation. I can't stop myself from watching this movie when I heard about this movie.
Creation 2009

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